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It's always easy to find another hack once you find the first one. Cleverboy already has a work around for 741. Download the fix at MacRumors.
good...now we can get on with the real news and get ready for Logic 8.
so then that means you have heard of it and you were definitely being a jerkoff.
Ever heard of tongue and cheek gonad?
I take it you aren't heavily into midi or software instruments.http://www.apple.com/logicpro/It's the only Apple software that hasn't has an update in about 20 years. To make a long story short, it's essentially the pro audio version of Final Cut Pro for musicians, composers, and sound designers etc. Think of it as Garage Band's/Soundtracks's Daddy. It was made by Emagic now owned by Snapple. Rumor has it that Apple may scrap it for a better integrated version of...
you are all missing the point. we need Logic 8 or some new reinvention of Logic Pro and we need it now.
Actually I thought it would have been more than $1 mill. He could have got 2 and even more IMHO. If you think it's crazy then you obviously haven't sold a popular TLD. And to compare the sex.com sale with a domain sale in 2007 is strange. If sex.com went on the market today it would go for more than iPhone.com. I think that guy lost out on a higher bid no matter what you may have read.
I hope some day I have a daughter I can spoil too. You seem like a nice Dad.lol How (i)ronic.
My credibility? It's a forum. You obviously take forums way to seriously. That's the info I found. If it's wrong post a piece of evidence to the contrary that is more than just heresy so I can learn from it. You haven't even posted something to show that the iPhone was designed before the Prada phone which I personally would like to see. And even then just because you patented something before me it doesn't mean you thought of it before me. I can think of a design for a...
While I was writing this there were many posts and it appears that your findings on market share reflect what I was saying. I hardly see anyone with Apple products here. If you go into an Apple store those will be the only people with any sort of Apple product. The stores are never busy. They are like clothing boutiques that sell a rare product and have a niche following.Apple stole the iPhone design from the LG Prada Phone. The trend is going towards luxury phones and LG...
New Posts  All Forums: