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First! EDIT: Damit! God damn geostationary towers
I'm trying to use only Pixelmator. Whats wrong with Pixelmator? Is there a similar product to replace DW with that I could try? I need a quick WYSIWYG.
Good question. If one doesn't need the Thunderbolt port, the FW800 and USB ports plus the speaker system and FaceTime camera which LG or Dell would one buy that is supposed to be the same as the Apple display? Is there a LG model for sale at stores that is the same or only a Dell UltraSharp U2711? Bonus question. If my HDTV is connected to my Mini via HDMI can I still have my Mini connected to my dual displays at the same time? Is there some sort of HDMI...
I ordered 2 today. Coming in a few days. Wondering why they're the same price as non Thunderbolt versions. How are these supposed to be connected to my new Mac Mini? Thunderbolt only? So one of them will be connected to a Thunderbolt input and the second display daisy chained via Thunderbolt? p.s. my desk is 110CM wide but the 2 displays together = 140CM. I hope 15CM overhang on both sides is ok.
Disguise? Not. I can tell this is going to be one of those threads
...and in other news Porsche sales hold as Kia sales rise.
Are you going to get medieval on their asses?
The peeps would be pissed. All the girl bands who do the record execs use iPhones.
No, Stevie Wonder.
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