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I ordered 2 today. Coming in a few days. Wondering why they're the same price as non Thunderbolt versions. How are these supposed to be connected to my new Mac Mini? Thunderbolt only? So one of them will be connected to a Thunderbolt input and the second display daisy chained via Thunderbolt? p.s. my desk is 110CM wide but the 2 displays together = 140CM. I hope 15CM overhang on both sides is ok.
Disguise? Not. I can tell this is going to be one of those threads
...and in other news Porsche sales hold as Kia sales rise.
Are you going to get medieval on their asses?
The peeps would be pissed. All the girl bands who do the record execs use iPhones.
No, Stevie Wonder.
But he was reborn from blindness.
Am I missing something here? I never knew about this. What is this magic we have here?
Who cares? I'll buy whatever it is because I'm an Apple whore. Feels so good.
New Posts  All Forums: