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The Beatles' music is like this. Hella easy to play and learn but that's not the point. They were the first to make it. Anyone can replicate it but it will always only be a copy. The genius was in its creation not how difficult it was to create. Btw, while most people identify with John, Paul was/is the true genius.
Yes because being more ergonomically, graphically and functionally efficient would be very bad. Say no to iOS for pro apps, keep mice and keyboard commands for another century please.And you know, only amateurs and every day fools would benefit from touch iOS. Real pros who don't use anything but Symphony and Protools [cough], are pros because they use mice, keyboards and other relics from the past.I guess you're over 40. I suggest you look at apps like Touch OSC.Last I...
That was the first thing I thought of. Sure looks like LG. I don't get anything Apple like from it at all. Everything I see with a little leaf reminds of of Apple Inc? I don't think so. Btw, this guy never heard of Apple? wtf
I giggled. Thank you for that I can't remember the last time I landed on a web site or video that required flash. It might have been for a movie trailer. I think I just hopped on over to Apple Trailers after that. I must not be very lucky.
Oh there ALWAYS is. This reminds me of the recent Curb Your Enthusiasm episode where Larry finds out his lawyer isn't really Jewish.
Is WIMAX big where you are? WIMAX is getting more interest here in Japan. I was just about to sign up for a hard line/internet service with an ISP here when it dawned on me that I'd be paying for a fixed line to my house for anywhere between $30-$60 when I could pay $30 for WIMAX which gives me internet around all over Japan. WIMAX here is 40mbps which is the same as most regular ISPs. The ISP JCOM is actually 160mbps download. Apparently the fastest in the world. That's...
LOL out loud.
Maybe it's audio volume. If we sell enough, the world will hear us!
The cube is great but will we have options? Me thinks it will be too glossy. For 6.7 million it better be matte
New Posts  All Forums: