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LOL out loud.
Maybe it's audio volume. If we sell enough, the world will hear us!
The cube is great but will we have options? Me thinks it will be too glossy. For 6.7 million it better be matte
As far as I'm concerned the the the...?
I have my Bittorrent client ready to download the next iPhone 5. Should download within 30 minutes
I think you may be right.
Are they really going back to the fugly rounded curves? I love the slick shape it has now. Looks much more contemporary. Hmmm
You're not trying to say the MBA can come close to an iMac in performance are you? If so, I'd like to know why because then maybe I'd get a MBA or MBP + external display (or two) instead of an iMac for audio / graphics stuff. How does the performance compare with a "15 MBP and an iMac? Would like to avoid buying a bigger iMac and buy a MBP or MBA if there isn't much difference in performance..
I think he's already made it.
Anyone know what that alphabet writing app for kids is?
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