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Am I missing something? I have internet on my iPhone 24/7 anywhere I go. Don't the other billion iPhone users have it too?
Besides a little bit faster processor and maybe a few mm more screen real estate how different could the phone be?
Is that your mommy?
lol Was thinking of the same link to give to the ol' timer. Oh well, let him have his fun downloading all the Beatles CDs on iTunes (maybe he uses Limewire) before he reads up on how to install Lion from a flash drive or that you can install from the DMG itself.
So has Phil Collins.
No no...I'm asking a question about the previous AEBs. Can they function as a new AEBS with a firmware update or is it new internal hardware too?
Previous AEBs can't be updated with a firmware update? I just got one a few months ago.
Is this DP4 updatable? I mean when Gold Master gets released are we going to be able to update to it? How does that work? Need a new fresh install of GM?
I wasn't offended at all. If anything, it was me who didn't choose my words correctly. I just meant to present the argument that people have been using laptops for mobile video/audio work for years therefore why wouldn't MBA/CD2 be capable as well.
Yeah the current MBPs are i7. The MBAs currently use C2D. It's interesting that you say they suck because people have been doing video/audio on 15" and 17" MBPs for ten years. You can barely compare those processors with the processors in iPhone's and iPads now lol. Why did a brand new CD2 suck for you?
New Posts  All Forums: