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So everyone's personal info is worth $9B x whatever the leads market will bear. Not bad cash. Cause that's really what it is. It's not like it's $9B from the sales of good products.
I don't know how people get by with anything less than 160GB. After you download a few 1080p movies, FLAC music and an iPhoto library you're SOL. Of course people are using external drives for media but it's nice to have that initial space on your main HD when you're not at home etc. These days you need at least a 256GB HD stock.
That's why it's called a ''back light'.
I thought crack was illegal. Even an iPad could run regular OS X.
trips on wallet...
AppleInsider at its finest
When I'm out in nature the last thing I care about is the cloud and streaming. Everything is shut OFF. If you can't live without that stuff for a while you have more important problems to worry about. I have unlimited data and can pretty much get reception anywhere except in places where I'm hiking. Last thing I need is to talk to people at work or stream my party photos while I'm out trying to get away from just that. Maybe by "getting out much" you mean climbing Mt....
Am I missing something? I have internet on my iPhone 24/7 anywhere I go. Don't the other billion iPhone users have it too?
Besides a little bit faster processor and maybe a few mm more screen real estate how different could the phone be?
Is that your mommy?
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