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  In his defense crap can't speak  :)
If Google Maps was still there crowd sourcing wouldn't be nearly as effective; They had no choice. However they should've released it declaring it as a beta and informed everyone crowd sourcing would be needed for a while. If I was an exec I also would not have included Google Maps to ensure the quickest crowd sourcing possible. That's all regarding data only. With respect to the quality of the 3D maps etc that's a mystery I don't know anything about. 
  The main gripe isn't that iMaps is incomplete or that it lacks correct data. It isn't even about Apple not declaring iMaps as a beta when they should have. The swarm of contempt is due to Apple not keeping Google Maps for another year or two while it improves to the point where the majority of users are satisfied with iMaps and/or 3rd party offerings i.e. metro routes. Especially when it now appears there was still a year and a half remaining on their contract with...
Are you joking? Those two icons don't look any different than a Samsung and Apple phone. Orange with a music note; Same degree of similarity IMHO.
That's been going around. It's fake. Could've easily taken video since all cameras have video. 
Maybe they were looking for love but iMaps failed them.
awww beat me to it
I believe he's using the tweezers to replace iMaps with Google Maps.
Let's hope the roll out a bevy of iOS6 updates. Wtf Apple. 
Actually I think it's a good commercial. I still can't stand Sammy though.
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