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Japan loves Samsung, Korean dramas and Korean girl bands. They are also very loyal to Samsung since they have various R&D facilities (my student is their lead Japanese R&D man), and corporate ties. There is no way they'd rule against Samdung.
You know, you go to settings - > location settings - > off and you're presented with a confirmation window to turn off location settings. "iPhone Search needs Location Settings. If you turn it off you won't be able to use this service. Are you sure you want to turn it off blah blah blah". Very annoying. I think it's obvious you want to turn location settings off if you have already entered the settings app and then the location settings menu. OSX usually gives you the...
What do you think the location confirmation window? I turn it off which already requires quite a precise click. Not like you can hit it by mistake. You still get a confirmation window to turn it off. I feel like chewing my phone whenever this pops up.    Of course I want it off. I clicked the settings icon and the location service menu to get there in the first place!  lol
Zooming in while in compass mode seems fine (if you're careful with the correct pinching technique). Zooming out is another story. I can do it if I'm REALLY careful with making sure it's a pinch and not touch (this is also annoying) but when you try zooming out to say state/province level watch what happens. Maps will eventually read it as a touch not pinch and boom you've lost your compass orientation. It definitely needs work.    Example: I'm heading east in compass...
Not always. If you click the map to zoom far out (i.e. province/country level) then enable the compass, the app will take you all the way down to the default zoom level (city level).   If you click the map the compass turns off then the map rotates so you lose your orientation. The compass should never turn off unless I tell it to. Then when you enable the compass again the map rotates again to reflect the correct compass direction. The map should not move at all when...
One thing I can't stand on the Apple/Google maps app is using the compass. If you're using it and then touch the map to zoom out/in or check out another area the map it does this rotating adjusting thing then the compass shuts off. You totally lose your orientation. So you click to enable the compass again but the app automatically takes you out of the previous zoom level you were in (takes you to the default zoom level). That default zoom level is quite far out so then...
Maybe the dream was influenced by 70s/80s Star Trek. Anyone can play that game.   So did you create this tablet? If not, the dream doesn't have any practical value.
It's impossible for a human to be 100% unbiased. 
        Because this is the only place you can feel like you've "won" something right? Hella cool.
Thats the torrent I have too ;)
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