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So am I (snicker)
So you posted a public review on the world's most famous online store even though you knew it could be "extremely dangerous"?.    I guess too many vegemite sandwiches will do that to you. 
Actually you are absolutely correct. If all someone does is copy you all day long, you'd be afraid they will release the next copy and thus lower your sales as well as any other negative effects.
Google always had old satellite views. Sometimes 3 yrs old. Guess it depends on what satellites they got the data from? Why does that happen? I hope their maps are using new data/images.
wow still low rez and the macbook pro is "still rocking' the pager" (superdrive).
He spent time in room 101
Will Smith's daughter's name is Willow. How bout that?
I think you meant designs that will blend in with other Samsung devices 
  my LOLs for tonight on the interwebs
well said. +1
New Posts  All Forums: