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I think you meant designs that will blend in with other Samsung devices 
  my LOLs for tonight on the interwebs
well said. +1
...and Japan follows the US. Can't do anything on its own. Japanese carriers are whores' whores.
Interviewer: "So there will be an Android version...?"   No there won't!  lol
August and September is when I will have fully matured into a consumer whore.
It's funny how many people assume jail-breaking is only related to applications or UI tweaks and pirating. There are many other reasons to JB that have nothing to do with iOS or apps.   I do not want to JB my iP4 but I have to in Japan because the carriers here like Softbank make you sign separate contracts for iDevices. Why the F--- would I pay ¥10,000 for iPhone data + ¥5,000 for iPad data when my iPhone plan is unlimited in the first place? Ridiculous!   On...
    will become?  lol
    Why Apple it buy not?  :)
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