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...and Japan follows the US. Can't do anything on its own. Japanese carriers are whores' whores.
Interviewer: "So there will be an Android version...?"   No there won't!  lol
August and September is when I will have fully matured into a consumer whore.
It's funny how many people assume jail-breaking is only related to applications or UI tweaks and pirating. There are many other reasons to JB that have nothing to do with iOS or apps.   I do not want to JB my iP4 but I have to in Japan because the carriers here like Softbank make you sign separate contracts for iDevices. Why the F--- would I pay ¥10,000 for iPhone data + ¥5,000 for iPad data when my iPhone plan is unlimited in the first place? Ridiculous!   On...
    will become?  lol
    Why Apple it buy not?  :)
    What are you talking about. A stock iPhone needs the home button. That's why it has the home button. You cannot get to home with many apps without clicking the home button.   You're not talking about those accessibility options are you? Cause they're very different.    The home button has a few uses that aren't covered by the multitouch gestures. For example, when you hold the homescreen icons to go into edit mode, you pretty much have to press the home button to get...
I haven't used the home button for about 3 months and I'm loving it. All my actions are done with gestures via the Activator app (requires a JB). I don't see why this isn't possible for Apple to do on the new iPhone if people have been doing this for a long time already via JB. I'm sure Steve intended for it to be done with as well. The home button defeats the whole purpose of the technology. 
If you change your mind, I'm the first in line to the Apple Store Honey I'm still 3G Take a chance on me
New Posts  All Forums: