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Exactly why I JB to get FaceTime over 3G which works just as well as it does on WiFi. Now with 4G/LTE there's even more reason to JB because these mo' fo's aren't allowing it even though it's fully capable of it. I don't agree with the argument that if you open it up for everyone the network will be laggy. Millions of people will not be using FaceTime at the same time. It wouldn't be more than a thousand people at any given time which the network is fully capable of.
I do have one of those
We're giving this guy free PR because why?
You're still crazy and I'm laughing now. Now what?
Exactly. No different than Fox.
Man, this has been available as a JB tweak since the camera came out. It's quite amusing seeing how many changes Apple has made because of the JB community.
You could always buy a Dell or Asus or something. I'm sure you'd be happy with it.I have Apple's customer support number for you. 1-800-NO-TROLL.
Wow, still only 720p. Sad.
About time.
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