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And you have the mentality of a moose. It seems you have also forgotten how Jobs and Woz did a lot of pirating themselves. Same thing. Besides making a point that isn't really related to my post since I don't pirate.I have been using Apple products since 1995 for audio work. ProTools and Logic etc. I would NEVER buy anything but Apple. I live in Japan and jailbreak for the app called TetherMe because Softbank doesn't let you tether iOS devices on one plan like they do in...
What about the people who like to vent on forums to get hard-ons?
Well it's a circle jerk so that would be cuming not pissing.
I was going to say LONG GONE.
Amazing tech. I don't even understand how this is possible. This tech must somehow just put an adjustable blur over whatever it is you do not want in focus? Same tech as a PS magnifying glass which you can move around? What if everything in the photo is supposed to be in focus? I'm assuming these new digital files must contain a lot more data therefore substantially larger in size?
You know what they say, "the eyes are the window to the soul".
Guarantee you that Avid approached him and offered the house for free. Best PR / best timing.
I know you have your fingers in a L shape on your forehead right now.
Have always been intrigued by this bit of history.
But you were the first poster. How did you know no one would have nothing to say? There are more posts and counting below your post.Funny thing is my iPhone is more of a computer ever was in 2000. Does as much if not more all in a touch UI.
New Posts  All Forums: