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All my music is ALAC so at 30mb per song...I think I'll pass. Storage ¥ would be through the roof.
But can you listen to it from the cloud WITHOUT downloading it to your device where it takes up space? Because streaming doesn't mean it has to be in the device. You know, can we listen to it like LastFM or other streaming service?
Can you actually play music FROM Match/Cloud or do you have to download the file to your device first? I'm assuming it's like photo streaming where you can view (listen to) the file as well as choose to download it it to your device. So Photo Streaming = Match for music? Viewing an image file is a lot different than streaming/listening to a music file so I wonder if it will be skippy/glitchy.
Expect a JB to arrive shortly after. Then finally I can use MyWi again.
I couldn't get Adobe CS5.5 installed on my network (2011 Mac Mini Server) until I installed this Java update. Isolated Adobe Mini server incompatibility.
"is" proves SJ is immortalbtw, I'm first batches. What...what. That's what I thought. If you have anything to say about it, I'll meet you in the playground at 3:30.
I can't tell if you're living in the past or the future. You must be from Vancouver, BC or California.
inevitable Btw, did I ever tell you how much I..... am first!?
Wow Isaacson really messed up with that one seeing as he even declared it on 60 Minutes.
New Posts  All Forums: