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Those hacks using Jabber are not cool. Not only functionally but practically. If only MSN decided to use the same protocol AIM started with we'd all be able to talk to each other via iChat. Has anyone heard any 'rumors' as to future compatibility?
We have the same glass spiral staircase here in Osaka, Japan.
Most of you are just going to show it off at your local Starbucks anyway. You won't be doing real work with it :P
ummmm wtf am I supposed to do without an optical drive? Wardrive around town and email my parents? I use my drive about 10 times per week. Sometimes more. I guess this new product is for people such as pro audio users and video power users who use their desktops exclusively for their trade and want to buy an administrative laptop just for emailing parents and friends on the go. Or the business person who doesn't do anything with their computer except email and...
I would be very jealous if China gets it because I'm in Japan.
yeah if you're an idiot and trust some company because it has "superior arrays" over the next bunch of bozos for $5.00/month less. Not to mention no matter how confidential any company says their info is there are always risks. My stuff in my house. Your stuff on some corps servers. Have fun. You just dated yourself grandpa by saying warez kid lol who the f%$@ says that anymore? Wired mag?
wtf? an online media server? lol yeah have fun waiting every time you want to listen, watch or read one of your files. If it's your own network you may not have to wait, but you still don't have your own backups. Are you one of those people that think your stuff is safe with online data servers? Or maybe your stuff isn't that valuable to you.
That's insane. I'm burning even as I type this post on my MacBook. I burn everything from music and movies to data backups containing anything under the sun. You guys must not be using torrent trackers therefore must be over 40 or something. That's the only logical explanation I can think of for not using burners. I'm just saying that your needs must be different for demographic reasons. I just burned a DVDs worth of music that I downloaded from the past few days, 5...
I'm confused...I want one but during waking hours I use a superdrive every 5 hours or so and I burn while I'm sleeping as well. How can you use a laptop without a drive?
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