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Thanks for responding.   Is it one of those cases where Mac OS X can be installed but not recommended? I assume if one drive goes down, the OS should still function, no?   I have been debating between RAID 5 and 10. The only two obvious drawbacks is the write speed and mounted volume size. I understanding that with a RAID 5, the writes are much slower compared to a RAID 10. Is that really significant or would it be small enough that I wouldn't notice?   And...
I have a iMac 3.4 GHZ with 16 GB of memory, SSD boot drive and 2TB internal. I want to attach a RAID to it (OWC Mercury Elite Pro Qx2, eSATA, FireWire 800+USB). Is it possible to install Mac OS X on a RAID? If so, what Mac OS X version would work best (Snow Leopard? Lion?) and what RAID level would be appropriate (I am debating between level 5 or 10). I figure if my iMac went down I can plug and play and boot up with the RAID on another computer.
I have two computers (Mac and PC) connected to a cable modem via Belkin router. Both can connect to the Internet. My Power Mac G5 2Ghz has two internal hard drives. My primary boot drive has Leopard 10.5.6 and the secondary has Tiger 10.4.11. I had the built in Firewall set for "Allow only Essential Services" then I changed it back to "Allow all incoming connections" before I installed Netbarrier X5. My access to the internet and router/control panel was...
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