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Wow, to the earlier comments, stop bashing customer feedback. I agree, the iPad could be easier to use, in many ways. I totally agree with the suggestions on a better file system. And syncing these devices is a pain unless your other computers, OS and iTunes fit into a tiny span of a few years in which your device will actually work with them. My first Apple was a Lisa 2. I'm glad people are speaking up. Disappointed customers means continued decline or innovation. Here's...
In America, where everyone thinks they need a new phone every year. ~Cliff (**Treo 650 -- 8 years**)
Um, hello anyone? We've got TABS!
I'm all in favor of more competition against Google. They're a beast, in love with big government, and holding far too much data.
Gimmicky, agreed. A little weird too. "Woman Places iPad in Purse, Prints to 109 Local Wireless Printers by Accident"
That government spyware Google recently installed is really causing problems.
"That's it, I want to see papers! Please email them to my iPhone."
Makes me glad I'm still running 10.5.
Bout time a company cared more about product design and quality than government requirements.
They should fix some of the windows on their building. They're going to have a major mold problem on their hands.
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