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Wow, we are a lazy people.
It's time for the pyramid.  
Work for tyrants. Get kickbacks.
Hey if we just all killed ourselves, the whole green movement would REALLY have something to celebrate. Course then they would be dead as well.
Maybe I missed it, but how are you supposed to scale to 100% in this revision? Often I'll open something up in Preview (usually a graphic of some sort), and I have to type 100% into the scale field to get it to show up at it's native resolution. Any idea??
Traveling is a right and does not require a license in a de jure state. My license expired back in May. I will mail it back to where it came from.
A dog poop digger has teamed up with a toilet builder to conceptualize the notion that a large porcelain bowl could only hold about ten years of dog crap, peaking after five, an idea that suggests dogs and their fecal matter are approaching their apex at middle age and risk an imminent and smelly decline.
It is obvious from their duplicate home screen, icons, functionality to swipe between home screens, their rip-off method to tell which home screen you're on, the fact that they HAVE a home screen just like the iPhone, and the placement being the same on pretty much everything -- Samsung lacks creativity on pretty much every level. However, I am somewhat glad that they are targeting Apple. As much as I love Apple, they have often had a tendency to put their customers into a...
U.S. courtrooms do the same thing regarding video cameras -- for the same reason. They don't want people to know what goes on in there.
As usual, everyone overreacts to such isolated incidents. They're producing these things by the millions in an automated process. Things are bound to go wrong once in a while. Contrary to popular belief, we can't make a law or rule that will prevent every single "bad thing" that happens on this earth. Humans are not perfect, nor or our machines. Never have been, never will be.
New Posts  All Forums: