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One might ask the same question of Americans. Or rather, why don't Americans stand up to ever-increasing encroachments on liberty?CarolinaLiberty.com
..And America isn't far behind.
You might be surprised at what they can and can't do. I became a Cingular customer at the beginning of that generation, that's how old my cell phone plan is. However, when the company changed names to AT&T, they cut off my unlimited text messaging and claimed that it "wasn't part of my plan". I contacted people at the head of the company and they didn't seem to care. I still have the same grandfather plan, but now I pay extra for texting. If they really want to cut your...
If companies believe in their own products, shouldn't simply talking about and showing product features be enough to make customers want to buy them?
The effects of cloud computing on the Palm Pre users today much resembles the control that the government has on modern-day Americans. We now let the government control and "secure" nearly every aspect of our lives, yet we complain when it doesn't work or when they don't manage things as well as we might ourselves.
Next step...the RFID implantable chip. Get one stamped into your skull or wrist today!
I forgot about this expose-dock function. It looks like a good one. However, looking at the steps they show, (click & hold on the application's icon, or click F3 on the keyboard for all apps), neither of these functions beats the speed of clicking the scroll ball or squeezing the Mighty Mouse, if that's how you have it set up to work.
I like that idea, or perhaps:
I can understand people's qualms with this new Magic Mouse. It is amazing and I'm blown away by the design. Awesome job, Apple. However, my current Mighty Mouse (though dirty as it's little scroll ball gets) has two additional "gestures" that I believe the Magic Mouse is missing. I currently have Expose tied to the scroll ball, so when I hit it, all open windows slide apart. I also have the side "squeeze" buttons on the Mighty Mouse tied to Expose to separate the windows...
God and other supreme beings target of patent infringement suit - humans claim patent on oxygen exchange process through lung-like apparatus.
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