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Yes, I can just hear my grandmother now if she were to watch the MacBook video. "What's that little line across the screen?" It's funny, the people that like the glossy screens say it's not a problem and usually reference ambient lighting as the culprit of glare. They often say, "move it, and you won't have a problem." But Apple, in it's advertisements with glossy screens does not make an effort to reduce the effect of the glare. Instead they make an effort to be SURE that...
I agree with you Daniel. The logos are different and they are not a threat to Apple. Plus they're supporting Apple by buying up their products! Hey, if the similarities of their logo and their usage of Apple's products make people associate them a bit, fantastic! All the better for both of them I say.
Yeah, this is all assuming that the dollar doesn't crash or that Apple has invested in a large stockpile of gold bullion.CarolinaLiberty.com
Perhaps Apple will bring matte screens back to the iMac, as an option of course. A man can only dream.
Well said my friend. Well said.
solipsism, I've been with AT&T since the beginning of the Cingular generation of their company (many years). The VOICE plan that I am on currently ($29.95) is no longer available, and is therefore referred to by AT&T as a grandfather plan. They don't have any voice plans any more which are this low. Even with 5MB of data AND minutes, my current total plan maxes out at around $45.00 plus taxes and fees. The iPhone is around $70. My point is that AT&T and Apple should give...
Some might disagree with your comment about Address Book. I personally have a Palm Treo which contains over 600 contacts, all perfectly synchronized with Address Book. It works, for the most part, with no problems. I haven't delved into it quite as much as you probably, but I do believe that the importing and exporting could be improved in Address Book. So you may have a good point in that aspect. Side note -- Oh, and yes, for the record, I would love to upgrade to iPhone...
Problems with our patent system as well as many other problems are a result of the direction America has taken in recent decades. America was an experiment which involved and required that the morality of people be up to a certain level. The patent system has become an excuse for people to give in to greed and lust for money. Lawsuits are now commonplace. Yes, the system is broken. But no matter how well-designed the system were to become, people would still take advantage...
Looks like an iPhone with a bunch of extra junk added. Gives messy people the opportunity to clutter up their cell phone screen until it's completely unusable. Kind of like they do their houses...lol.
Good grief. Okay so now we are trademarking fruit as a whole? Apple get ahold of yourself, it looks nothing like your logo. Perhaps Apple should have stuck with the multi-colored rainbow affect on their logo to further distinguish it from impostors?.....mmm....nah, people just need to quit suing each other!!! Crazy loons. I love Apple but I think they get a big head sometimes.
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