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Are you kidding me? So, let's say I've got a folder full of 100 various image folders. I want to quickly browse through those folders (by name, because I've named the folders using the date on which the photos were taken. Yes I believe in keeping my real world organized AS WELL AS my computer world..). So in Leopard I'm not going to be able to right-click on a folder in the dock and see a simple list of the enclosed folders? Hmm, well that would suck pretty bad I say.
I'm just wondering if I would be able to teach my very computer illiterate grandma all of this new fancy Leopard stuff. I hope that all of these extra features like stacks and spaces are passive enough to ignore on a new Mac. My grandmother has a hard enough time knowing to click on the Send & Receive Outlook Express button on her old OS 9 iMac in order to check her email. How would she ever understand stacks, or spaces? She wouldn't. So I just hope that it remains...
Whatever happened to the days when Apple was advertising Macs as the most stable computers? Oh wait, I forgot, they still are...http://www.apple.com/getamac/works.htmlWhat a shame they're having (and denying) these problems with their new aluminum iMacs. With the latest price drop on the 24-inch model, I was really wanting one of these things. Come on Apple! Don't drop your quality just because you're getting so popular!!
Gee I hope they don't sue me. My file cabinet uses tabs too!
The first Macs back in the 80's as well every computer that has shipped since then (both PC & Mac) all have had the same exact hardware. Buying so-called hardware upgrades actually only unlocks pre-existing hardware. Installing more RAM chips doesn't really add speed to the computer, but simply unlocks it's capabilities even further. Every computer is connected to a secret network all the time, and when hardware or software items are added, they simply cause the computer...
Mm, correct me if I'm wrong, but the way the Spotlight window behaves may not always be preferrable. For example, let's say you've got some content exceeding both left and right panes. You're currently looking at something on the bottom of the left pane and would like to now compare it to something in the top of the right pane. Naturally, you scroll up using your handy dandy Mighty Mouse. Oops, the information at the bottom of the left pane has also scrolled up and is no...
New Posts  All Forums: