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And to think I was happy with a cardboard box, kitchen knife and scotch tape.
My old Treo 650 just turns on with a button and then you click another button to unlock it. The iPhone was the first to use slide to unlock in January of 2007. I'm GLAD Apple is getting rewarded these patents. It's about time. These companies have been producing bad copies for far too long.
If folks weren't so ridiculously scared of having bulky devices, we could increase the thickness of the iPhone to what the old Motorola bricks were, and put in a larger battery. With today's battery technology we could probably get three or four times the battery life from a phone this thick. Add a few dollars to the price and call it the iPhone 4S LL (long life). This would be great for people who would prefer long battery life over bragging rights to the smallest...
It seems like a lot of these posts are based on current perspective. I remember when the iPhone came out, and all of this stuff was so new. People need to remember that before the iPhone, the entire cell phone industry was made largely of phones with, well, buttons. Now, granted there were a few devices with touch screens -- heck, I've owned a Palm for years. However, Apple was the first company that I know of, to completely and quite successfully replace the entire face...
I agree with many others here. The patent system is screwed up, just like the unlawful de facto government that maintains it. Excuse me while I come up with an ingenious idea, patent it, and then sit on it for 30 years hoping that someone ELSE will actually do the work to bring it to market.
Heck, the way people rip off the iPhone and the iPad, all they would have to do to circumvent patent laws is to make it look a little different!
To-big-to-fail-alert! Bailout needed!! LOL
Go Apple. People so easily forget history -- when the iPhone came out, how few touch-screen devices were there? Apple sets trends. These other companies just copy and rip off all their ideas. Sure, Apple should take it as a compliment that they are being copied. But honestly -- I had to laugh the other day when I saw the Droid's solution for the slider at the bottom of the screen. It's like a high-school student re-arranging sentences in a book report to avoid plagiarism....
iCloud Communication. Never heard of em. Perhaps the company isn't doing so well. Oh that's right...Apple has become the go-to place for failing/greedy companies to sue and try to get monetary gain without actually doing any work.
Again, I am suing because other people besides myself are breathing oxygen...oops.. I mean my iOxygen.
New Posts  All Forums: