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Is it just me or do all of Apple's competitors have CEO's with last names like Wu, Wong, Dong, Whoflungchow, or other such foreign sounding phraseology?
By making the iPhone larger, Apple could include a bigger/thicker battery for longer talk/surfing time AND would be making the phone easier to hold -- especially for those of us who don't have tiny child-sized hands. This would also allow for a larger screen size, larger speakers, more ports...the list goes on.
Yes!! Sue these posers now! I am so sick of all the lookalike products. Droid this and droid that, blah blah blah. Where were all these fully touch-screen smart phones prior to the iPhone? Oh yeah....there weren't any!!
And another one bites the dust.. Stupid. Stupid Microsoft.
Anything to keep the revenue officers in business right? It is our DUTY to hold these wayward servants accountable!! SpeedTrapAhead.org.
What makes you think the government cares about your privacy? LOL.
I use my Treo 650 and a VelTye case at the gym. Just load up a few songs on the SD card and you're good to go. Works great.
LOL...that would pretty much rule out every cell phone currently made. I say bring back the camera and include the clip. It was disappointing when the camera was removed.
And I am not a jackalope.
The facts are there bub, you just aren't looking hard enough. FACT: Object of the War, as stated by Congress:http://ncrepublic.org/lib_objectofwar.php Notice that it is NOT to overthrow states, nor is it to interfere with slavery, as most are taught. FACT: The current government of North Carolina was put into place by military order no. 120:http://ncrepublic.org/lib_militaryorder.php FACT: An unconstitutional act is not a law. I said this earlier, and...
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