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Did you know that it is easier to criticize and poke fun at something different than it is to rebut arguments with actual fact?
Oh yeah, they are a constitutional entity. Sure. They are really helping Americans and doing us all a great service, rather than looting and plundering us all, stealing our property, and taking any fake, paper money that we have left..lol. You my friend are in denial about your own surroundings. You do nothing without permission. Kneel down and lick the hands of those who feed you.
Yep, I have a copy of it right in front of me. Have you ever noticed the contradiction between Section 9, paragraph 4 and the 16th Amendment? They say two completely different things. Constitutional taxes were originally in proportion to the census or enumeration of the states. This was a check-and-balance so that states received equal representation. We all paid the same amount. The fruits of our labor was not taxed. We were not punished for our success or wealth. Did you...
Question: If a the IRS is an unconstitutional entity (ncrepublic.org), and an unconstitutional act is not a law (Supreme Court case Norton v. Shelby County), then does a fiscal year really exist?
I assume all these folks went through similar training before coming on stage, but this is ridiculous. I could swear that these people watched an Apple keynote event just before they did their presentation. STAGE looks like Apple. PRODUCT looks like Apple. PEOPLE look and sound like Apple. The unoriginality of these companies makes me sick. To heck with pride in our services and products. Let us bow to the almighty Federal Reserve Note.
Maybe if all these 'green' folks have their way, Apple could just stop making things altogether. Heck, maybe mankind should just cease to exist. That way the earth could just go on and on in total serenity...lol.
The TSA probably already un-boxed them, spread them open, and felt around their hinges for explosives.
Dang it, that thing looks JUST LIKE an iPad!! Where is the originality??
Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs) are debt instruments by their very nature. FRNs are printed paper with no intrinsic value and nothing of value backing them. Its value is "faith based". You give me worthless paper in exchange for goods or services with the faith that I can rip off the next guy with it. A $5 dollar bill is worth the same as a $10 dollar bill because they are both rectangular pieces of paper, both of the same size. It's like taking an orange and writing a 10 on...
Now if we could only start using money that has actual, intrinsic value! We should skip all this and just move straight into planting chips into our arms and posting numbers on our foreheads like the Bible predicts..lol.
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