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My Palm Treo has a 5MB plan..lol. And I share it with my wife.
That's nice. I'll stick with iWork.
I really enjoyed reading this article. Thanks AppleInsider. You have truly made my evening.
The iPhone is cool but the old Treo 650 keeps on tickin'.
In the old days, we bought a product, hoped it worked well and recommended it (or not) to all our friends or family. A company's success was based upon just that. Today, we sue the livin' crap out of anything that doesn't make us happy.
More jobs? Hmm, well how about we get rid of the Federal Reserve banking cartel for starters and allow Americans to actually KEEP their hard earned money. How about we downsize the federal government and put state governments back in charge like they were meant to be. How about we keep the feds the heck out of our private lives and get them back to doing things like managing commerce between states? You want to give people motivation and creativity? Return to lawful...
Just great. Something else to confuse my grandmother.
Putting in my vote on Mission Confusing. I know there is some time before the next release and thank goodness for that. This portion needs some major tweaking. Apple should look at the different ways these things interact before coming up with "a whole other way" to do things. I am also thinking that FaceTime could have somehow become part of iChat, or vice versa. All these new apps and methodology. OS X started out with simplicity, has aged and grown. But adding on more...
Parenting. There's an app for that.
Is Ina a man or a woman? Anyone else confused by this visual deception?
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