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The copies started LONG before this phone. I'd say the copying began about the time EVERY phone became a touch screen. Sorry Mr. Wong. Honestly, let's try and show a little more creativity, k?
What a compliment to Apple that other companies are comparing their non-related products to sales of the iPad. A little confusing, but how precious of them.
[hovering with my trusty Palm Treo 650...]
Though the discussion has been talked to death, I agree with you on the whole Flash argument. I am an advocate of user choice there. As for the app store, I can see both sides of the fence regarding the security of knowing that the apps have gone through Apple's "locked-down" rigorous testing and approval process vs. the freedom to use the software you want. Perhaps a happy medium is in order? Again, user choice. Use products Apple 'approves' of or use something else and...
Unlike many Americans, I don't use products because of their popularity. I use them because they work for me. I used Macs long before the iPod, regardless of their popularity. If that earns me a place as one of "the crazy ones," well then so be it.
Classy indeed..lol. Desperate times call for desperate measures I suppose. Perhaps if they would just concentrate on making a good product rather than criticizing Apple and others, they might actually increase their success.
LOL...this is like saying, "the ocean, the largest body of water in the world..." ...goes without saying, yes?
Amen! Thank you!!
When all of this 'antenna gate' stuff first started, I thought that it was just Apple's quality control slipping as has happened a few times during this recent decade, the most successful time period in Apple's history. But after seeing the compelling evidence Jobs presented, I see that these problems are a widespread result of our obsession with making things smaller and smaller and the smartphone industry's refusal to put external antenna "nubs" or similarly...
I'm currently able to stream music to an unlimited number of locations throughout my house using a high-powered FM transmitter. The range is so great that my wife has tuned in my music on her car radio several blocks down the road. Check out the V6000: http://mobileblackbox.com/ I've also set it up so that I can control the music and make announcements while walking around the house. I call it my mobile DJ system: Mobile DJ system: http://qik.com/video/4145881
New Posts  All Forums: