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Amen. Who's life, liberty or property has been damaged here? Who is the injured party? Yet another case of the "city government" complaining about something just to wield its unlawful power. So the sign blew off the building. Was anyone hurt? Put the sign back up and make sure it's secure this time! Accidents do happen; that's the nature of life. Should we create a new prohibitive law every time something goes wrong? Preventative laws only grow out of control and bring...
Why not leave this up to the consumer? If I don't want flash or I agree with Steve's claim that it is old, slow and buggy, then I won't install it. But if I want flash, perhaps Apple could allow them to sell a plugin or something at the App Store. Flash may be old, but it is well established and has A LOT of users. Some of us don't create entire sites out of flash, but rather use it to add hints of animation to our sites, in small increments. If the 75-year-old church...
Ironically, the Pranna website is entirely flash-based and completely useless on the iPad. http://www.prannanyc.com/
There is a clear difference between paragraphs and sentences. Perhaps we should learn those differences so that our posts don't take three hours to scroll through.
Well technically yes, yes, yes, yes and yes it is! According to the dictionary definition, these are all computers in their own right. Next on the Discovery Channel, the mating habits of the Blue-Footed Booby.
Unless the definition has changed recently, I may disagree with that statement: com⋅put⋅er   /kəmˈpyutər/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [kuhm-pyoo-ter] Show IPA Use computer in a Sentence See images of computer Search computer on the Web –noun 1. \tAlso called processor. an electronic device designed to accept data, perform prescribed mathematical and logical operations at high speed, and display the results of these operations.
Well said! Thank you.
I think you may have hit the nail on the head there. I believe a lack of organizational responsibility often extends far beyond the computer realm in today's society. I particularly enjoy the entertaining TV show that was just released recently by A&E entitled "Hoarders." Perhaps this a bit off-topic but I believe that, more often than not, this is simply a learned behavior rather than some sort of mysterious medical problem. But, back to computers. Can we become TOO...
Definitely. I can see from just watching the keynote that the iPad is MUCH faster than many netbooks. I know a few folks with cheaper netbooks and I know how painfully slow they can be. The iPad's simplicity factor no doubt contributes to its blazing speed. I can appreciate that.
Regardless of extremist fanaticism, Apple's intended product usages, and their great wisdom of product potential, the crowds will continue to want and protest for features. Demand will always demand and products will result. The iPad, though highly more valuable than paper money, they will make plenty of it I am sure.
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