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Indeed, they've been quite successful. They are also great listeners. Further proven by their financial reports.
Quite true. Though I've spent some time on this forum topic defending my right to voice an opinion, I too believe the iPad is an exceptional product, worthy of praise. I'm personally making a decision currently as to whether it will be appropriate for my mom. And though I realize this is not its intention, I'm actually considering it for her as her main computer. The items which I've been wondering about currently are Printing, Filing System, CDs/DVDs, photos and music. My...
I'm as big a fan of Apple as the next guy. My first was an Apple Lisa 2, circa 1984. I have a lighted Apple logo license plate and printed my homework on a portable Stylewriter 2200 back in high school. But ridiculous would be to say that Apple is infallible or perfect. The Mac, even with its "confusing file system" has proven itself over many years to be easy to use, even for the most computer illiterate of users. My grandmother just got a 20" iMac. She uses it for basic...
Regardless of a product's intended audience, the fact that some folks have complaints about some of its downfalls shows that this product's audience type could be be extended somewhat. It has a greater potential than was originally realized by its designer. Potential is a good thing.
Consumer feedback is a fantastic way to improve products. Don't criticize criticisms. It is what drives companies like Apple to do better -- to make products that have a wide range of customers from all walks of life, not just consumers, prosumers or professionals.
Indeed, files inside of folders. How mysterious is this. Sort of like a filing cabinet. I often look inside my filing cabinet and think "Gosh how I wish all of these files were in one giant folder with a search function! Then I wouldn't have to put any effort or thought into where I put things. I could be as lazy and complacent as I want!" This jumble-o-files system might work for a little while, but many of us, if we have a large number of files, enjoy the fact that we...
Good for them. But an Apple a day keeps the Windows away.
Games testing? Well anything to help Americans be more productive. That's the important thing.
Wouldn't ownership of a PHONE be fairly easy to prove, seeing as how the true owner of the phone would currently be receiving bills for the service from AT&T and that the number would have been tied to the stolen phone? Is she still paying AT&T now that her phone is being used by a thief? We should not be so dependent on a government agency whose officers don't even know what branch of government they're in.
Modern-day America. The age of lawsuits and judges who think they ARE the law. There is no law today...just politicians picking sides and the special interest groups who fund them. Male prohibita statues by the thousands and the lawyers, judges, district attorneys and the state are the ones who get the money from it all. May we slaves remain blind to the usurpers who crack the whip upon our backs. May we continue as happy little Americans. Was this country not born out of...
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