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I don't know what model besides the fact that it is an imac aqua colour it doesn't have the disc tray that pops out either. The modem type is V.90 or 92 I think. I can't select the correct modem for some odd reason. I tried reconfiguring by using the setup assistant, but for some reason when I try to select "I connect to the internet through a telephone line" it is grayed out so I can't select it. Odd but I think I may get an external modem instead of the internal modem ones…
It says there is a modem error and it won't connect at all even when it is all plugged in. my ISP is mnsi and I dont have a problem on my OS9 with it… I have restarted it as it has been like this for months now... I may need an external modem maby?
Okay here is my problem… I recently upgraded my OS 9.2 to OSX 3.14 and after a few months the internet won't connect to my ISP. Sadly I am on 56k modem or something like that and I'm frusterated that all of the sudden the internet doesn't connect to the ISP. Was this caused by the upgrade and do I need to backup my hard drive and re-install OSX? any help will do… thanks!
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