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Yeah, maybe once a month I might find this handoff feature useful. But I'm I writer and at least a dozen times a day I'm irritated by the fact that the open source HunSpell spelling checker is virtually worthless. * About a third the time, it can't even suggest a correct spelling, yet when I cut and paste that word into a Google search, Google knows the correct spelling about 98% of the time. * The "Hun" of Hunspell is a group in Hungary. Probably because they have so...
Hopefully, with these larger screen iPhones Apple is learning to offer the market more variety. Limiting models made sense when the company was small and struggling in the late 1990s. It makes no sense today. The iPhone, for instance, needs a sports model like the Apple Watch, and a thicker model with an far longer battery life for on the go people. It'd also be great to have a display-free desktop model in the huge gap between the Mac mini and the Mac Pro.
If you were riding an up-elevator and this Michael Bromwich boarded on the 6th floor, what would you do? Judging by the photograph above, I'd dart off on the 7th floor. He's one spooky looking guy. Besides, Bromwich isn't even qualified in anti-trust law, so this highly lucrative appointment by his friend Judge Denise Cote is more than a little suspicious. Google for pictures of her, and not that makes two spooky looking people in this dispute. Could there be something...
Yes, an Apple watch is the perfect device for health neurotics. They can monitor their [whatever] every minute if they want. Personally, even if I had something to monitor, I'd just want an iPhone-trigger alarm when something got out of normal.
How typically Apple to gift it to someone who could easily afford to buy it. It's not even good marketing. Giving it to her suggests that otherwise she wouldn't have bought it.
Will Apple announce that it's improving the dreadful open source spell checker it uses in OS X? The lookup for misspelled words is worse that those in late 1980s DOS spell checkers. Leave one letter out or transpose two letters and it's often clueless. And its vocabulary is so pitiful, even words that regularly appear in newspaper headlines (such as exceptionalism) aren't included. It's vocabulary is that of a junior high student. I don't blame Hunspell for that. They...
Sad, yet another of Apple's two unloved and uncared for foster children is being forced into a new household. This is starting to look like child abuse. Before it was podcasts, given an app of their own to get the bugs out of the music app. Now it's audiobooks, which are being moved in with print books. I'm not sure I see the logic there. These are two different media only sharing the word "books" in common and suggesting that the combination will end up bloated and...
Is it just me, or are query-each-other-all-the-time features like these suggestive of an obsession with monitoring and control. Just because something can be done does not mean it should be done.
"Skews toward the sports model" hints at what I've been trying to tell Apple for years. The iPhone needs an outdoors-ready sports model.
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