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We'll see how it turns out. Looking just like their characters is hard to pull off, so we need to lenient there. But I'll be disappointed if the actors haven't taken the time to get their mannerisms down right.
Sadly, still no Siri, age-tailored for kids. When I ask, "Show me a kitty," it shows me a news story about a Scandinavia band. Weird!
Very, very funny. But these aren't tracking bracelets. They'd let people in public spaces or business meetings get silently signaled if a call comes in without leaving their iPhone out on a table where it could be stolen or, even worse, constantly look at their Apple Phone like they are bored. I'd particularly like to see iOS initiate a signaling scheme, where the particular vibration signals the source. Someone in an important meeting who is expecting an important call...
Apple's watch far more than I need. I'd love to see Apple or someone make: 1. A wrist device that'd vibrate on rings and let me stop/start/adjust volume on music and webcasts. 2. A waterproof wrist or ankle device that'd vibrate on rings. In parts of my house I can't hear my iPhone.
Unfortunately those enhanced feature apparently still don't include a decent, built-in spell checker, one whose lookup isn't worthless. The developers of Hunspell, whose open source product Apple uses, don't have the funding for a decent, regularly updated and professional-done dictionary. The vocabulary is that of a college sophomore, at best. Being developed by Hungarians, it understands little about the rules of English spelling or hyphenation. If spell checkers were...
I'd be more impressed by Apple and others if they built public-key encryption into their email programs. It should be well enough done that a simple exchange of emails means that the keys are exchanged and used automatically from that point on. The feature should have been included years ago.
Three cheers for Apple! Well maybe just two. 1. iPhones have long needed better protection from water for those outdoors and in sports. 2. It's easy to suspect that everything radio in an iPhone would benefit from getting exchanging those aluminum cases for something that blocks radio waves less and is perhaps sturdier and more scratch-resistant. What else does Apple need to do with the iPhone 7? One more thing. 3. Create an EL-model that's identical electronically but...
I checked out the new iPhones yesterday at a Verizon store on a nearby campus. Certainly nice, particularly the larger screen on plus model, but not really worth getting excited about. My iPhone 5 serves my needs quite well and there are a host of more enjoyable and productive ways to spend the hundreds of dollars I save. I'd rather spend a fraction of that cost on a recent purchase, Patrick Fermor's A Time of Gifts, an account of his journey on foot across central...
Those who want a more feature-rich and less buggy app might want check out the iOS version of Textexpander: https://smilesoftware.com/TextExpander/touch/index.html Here is the list of apps it works with: https://smilesoftware.com/apps/ It not only has more features, it can share (via Dropbox or iCloud) replacement snippets with the OS X version, saving setup time. For the record, I have no connection with the company.
Yeah!!!!! But when it comes it will still be long overdue.
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