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Two suggestions for Amazon: 1. Put some of those Fire developers to work adding disability features to Amazon's epaper Kindles, including accessing Bluetooth keyboards and mice as well as restoring test-to-speech. If Amazon doesn't act soon, soon the press will be featuring stories about how cruel market dominating Amazon is to those with disabilities. Given Amazon dominance of ebook sales, it can't afford to slight those with problems reading. 2. Doing cellphone...
The 's' iPhones aren't typically ground-breaking, which suggests that this time around, the Apple TV might be worthy of media attention. The secrecy could be because some of the content contracts have yet to be signed, with both sides playing the brinksmanship game. On the other hand, this rumor might be wrong and the rental have nothing to do with Apple.
Comments: 1. Let's hope Apple doesn't do anything to cripple the functionality of third-party, stylus-like tools such as those from Adobe. 2. It'd be great is app developers could distinguish between finger-touch input and that with the stylus. That'd make the iPad Pro great for proofing and markup. Fingers could be used to move through a document and the stylus used to markup corrections without clumsily shifted modes. 3. It'd also be great if the USB-C/USB 3.0...
How dull. One thing I hate about the Seattle suburb of Bellevue is the dullness of its buildings. Codes dictate far too much. I like variety. Sounds like Apple stores will soon suffer from that same affliction. Instead of reddish-brown buildings, it'll be white boxes. In most stores, white boxes mean cheap, generic stuff.
Looks fine to me. I will have to learn my way around the new structure, but once learned, it should be more straight-forward and simpler. Good move Apple.
Marvelous! I love Google Voice, particularly the voice mail to text message feature. But it's a stand-alone service that requires my main phone number to be a GV number. That doesn't work well. I've long been frustrated that marketing-driven cell companies haven't integrated GV's features into their services. It would be a good selling point. But having Apple build those features into iOS would be even better. Lets hope these rumors prove true. Oh, and if anyone on the...
$25 for what's little more than a cardboard box? No thanks!
Remember Apple's "1884" ad? With IBM buying oodles of MacBooks, it looks like 2015 "won't be like 1984."
I'm a skeptic. The very traits that make a company successful in one area often make it ill-adapted for other areas.
I hope you're right, but the same Apple ID won't be why. I use that ID when I get iOS and OS X apps, and I still have to pay twice. I'm assuming that developers will need to rework their apps for the Apple TV. After all, it doesn't have the same UI as an iPhone (no touch screen, no gyroscope etc). So they'll need to make quite a few changes. Apple is rewarding them by offering a new sale. That makes sense. But it would be good if owning the iOS version would give us a...
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