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Steve Jobs: "I just don't like television. Apple will never make a TV again." My sentiments exactly. There's a reason why TVs have names like "idiot box." Chronic views sucks away time that's far better spent doing other things.
I hope Apple is looking into a stand-alone version of the new keyboard and trackpad they're putting into their new laptops. Quite a few people, including me, like to use a keyboard with the same feel for laptops and desktops, iDevices too.
The Swiss have one major advantage. By being less technological, their watches are far less likely to become obsolete in a few years. Were I offered an Apple Watch or a Rolex of comparable value, I wouldn't hesitate to take the Rolex.
Which size and weight? None. I've got better ways to spend my money.   I'd like to see this clever technology used though. I'd love to have an inexpensive band I could put around my ankle that'd vibrate for incoming calls and alarms. And I wouldn't mind if it served as a movement sensor for a sleep app.
Apple needs to add one more feature to that $10,000+ line of watches—free upgrades to the guts for about five years or so. 
The new keyboard is itself worthy of a Apple Insider feature article. Apple's current Bluetooth keyboard and track pad are getting a bit old. I'd love to see Apple release this new keyboard combined with the Force Touch trackpad as a standalone accessory.
What to expect? Almost certainly a watch most of us can't afford and wouldn't buy if we could. I can only hope that Apple has enough sense to offer those who do buy the high-end models free upgrades of the working interior for the next several years. Otherwise, all that style is going to be technologically out of date in a year or two. Even for the very rich, that may be a bit much.   Of more interest is the possible release of a long-delayed update to the Apple TV. That...
USB for a keyboard is no big deal. Bluetooth works fine. USB ports for more storage would be a great plus.
This is good news. Given the enormous market share that Apple enjoys, it needs specialized models. It already has two different screen sizes. A Sport model would be a plus, as would an Extended Life model with a much longer battery life. Apple's been silly in the past. It has devoted a lot of attention to an iPhone's appearance, but because it offers one one or two models, users are forced to hide Apple's clever design inside a ruggedized or extended-battery case. With...
Pick and choose is great when you move. In Seattle, I was happy with T-Mobile coverage. Metro-Seattle is, after all, the company's corporate headquarters. But when I moved to a small college town far away, T-Mobile coverage was virtually non-existent. I switched to AT&T, but it was only slightly better. Half my calls didn't connect even when I stepped outside.. I finally solved my woes by getting Verizon iPhone 5 that's working out fine. It's also factory-unlocked, so I...
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