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Hopefully that 12" MBA will ship with 8 gig of memory standard. Apple's upgrade pricing for the current models is ridiculous.
It's not hard to see what Apple intends. Use another company's baseband chips and your phones are like those of your competitors. Use your own chips, and your phones may be better, giving you a competitive advantage. The risk lies in that 'may.' Get it wrong but ship your chip in a phone anyway and you're in big, big trouble. That said, Apple is now big enough they can afford to take a chance and may be able to use their 'we have our own design' and perhaps some patents...
Anti-poaching agreements are certainly bad, but I'm not sure I'd sign on to this lawsuit, were I one of those involved. $90,000 isn't a lot of money in comparison to becoming known as a troublemaker. Delay in getting a job a couple of times might cost more than that. Also, as another poster noted, this isn't an open-and-shut case. If these companies can show that employees of one company who, on their own initiative, applied for work at another got hired, it's hard to show...
Lawyers will warn you that if you don't want corporate secrets to come out and get a lot of publicity, don't sue or allow yourself to be sue. That's what's happening here.
For Japan, we can only hope Apple keeps alive the iPhone 5s. Anything larger may bomb among half the public. A Japanese friend had a cell phone so small, I jokingly told her that it looked like a "Barbie doll phone." She liked it that way. I wouldn't mind a slightly larger screen, but for many the iPhone is already almost too large.
In Apple's case, going green, Greenpeace style, has meant destroying all the green things that'd be growing instead of their acres of solar cells. At least Apple isn't into killing birds aka wind farms.
No, I've been watching Apple for a quarter century. I've seen them preview not-done products to keep people from buying from a competitor. It's simply good marketing. Ditto when there's been a too long delay and people are getting antsy. OS X actually had a public beta period. In this case, where there's a potentially large and volatile customer database and the competitor is as large as Amazon, it makes even more sense. Amazon went first with epaper readers and no one...
Perhaps this'll prompt Apple to let us get a preview of their plans both for streaming and the next Apple TV. That they may do if Amazon's offering is innovative and appealing enough. If it's not, they're likely to stay mum.
Hopefully, Apple won't abandon the current screen size. Some people, particularly petite women, like their phones small and easy to hold. Keeping the current size and adding a significantly larger one makes more sense. I'd suggest keeping most of the other specs the same but giving the larger one a longer battery life, something iPhones have long needed.
Quote: Office for iPad will use what Microsoft referred to as a "freemium model," allowing users to install the app view documents, but requiring a subscription to Office 365 to make edits. If automakers had a similar model, we could park 'our' car in front of our homes, go out kick tires and and look at it anytime we want. The only thing we couldn't do would be to get in and drive it away. That's not a "freeminum model." That's simply a hideously crippled app. The good...
New Posts  All Forums: