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I'm not sure I would rush to blame Apple on this one. The legalities of licensing copyrighted material in other countries can get quite messy. 
Quote: "The widget also does not show cover art." Bravo! Recently, the various iTunes, Music and Podcast apps in OS X and iOS have developed an irritating tendency to display pictures when words would serve better. I often curse Apple for thinking we're a bunch of illiterates. The Podcast app is particularly irritating in that respect. It clutters my iPhone screen with pointless pictures but too few controls and poorly designed ones at that. It gives me a line only a...
I'm glad to see Apple doing well, but the company should keep in mind that size and success can breed federal intervention, as when the Clinton administration took on Microsoft and when the Obama administration went after Apple and the Big Five publishers. Apple needs to behave like a very, very good little boy, not doing anything that could get it into trouble. The company's executives should study the troubles AT&T and IBM got into decades ago when they tried to bully...
Has Apple fixed the memory leak that some connect to the Mail app and others to the kernel? My Mac has crashed twice due to it. https://discussions.apple.com/thread/6623697
Students teach themselves iPads well enough that within days they've bypasses the school's security checks. Their teachers are apparently able to nothing without expensive, lengthy, formal training. Is there a more apt illustration of why our schools are failing?
This story is of little relevance. What matters is whether Apple is reversing its moves to make a Mac mini useless as anything other than a fancier Apple TV. For those who can't afford the high cost of a Mac Pro, the Mac mini has been the only Mac with easily upgraded RAM and hard drive. Removing that removes from the Apple lineup what's standard in the PC market. And yes, I'm quite aware that marketing types think they're being oh-so clever to cripple hardware, selling...
States vary a lot inside their borders. Correlating this data at the state level virtually worthless other than as bait for Apple websites to pick up.
Let's hope this one fixes that dreadful memory leak that some connect with Mail. Twice, I have my 16-Gig Mac memory tell me it was out of memory. It's a real time-waster to restart everything. I thought those sorts of problems ended long ago.
He's right. The threat is quite real to watches bought as luxury items and status symbols. There, time-telling ability is irrelevant. They're for show%u2014for snobs to wave in front of other snobs. The only watches that are likely to remain untouched those so expensive their wearers would be ashamed to spend a mere few hundred dollars on an iWatch. The iWatch also posses little threat to the watches that many of us wear every day. We simply want a dependable way to tell...
Navigating inside buildings isn't an issue with most of us. We either know the way or follow the signs. What is an issue is getting map data where cellular data coverage is spotty. Apple needs to give their Maps app a world-class UI for downloading data in advanced, including specialized map data for hiking, skiing and off-roading. Not everyone is using their iPhone to find the nearest shoe store.
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