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Apple going into cars doesn't fit the company's pattern of success. It got away with selling computers priced far higher than DOS ones because a GUI was better. It is doing well against Windows now because OS X is better designed and Apple hardware is more reliable. The iPod filled a need for a useful music player and the iPhone filled a huge gap. When it came out, most cell phones were ill-designed junk. I know. I owned several. Success with the iPhone could be parlayed...
Invisible could be infrared or ultraviolet. Did the patent application say which or is Apple leaving that detail open?
Ah, my patience waiting for a new Apple TV is apparently about to be rewarded. I hope the price remains a reasonable $99 though.
Good. Apple has been avoiding these taxes using a sophisticated and perhaps dubious tax loophole that an ordinary Irish pub can't use. Let's hope that the EU forces Apple to play by the same rules as that little pub. Those claiming this is "ex post facto law" are forgetting that Apple's agreement was with Ireland. This tax decision is coming from the EU itself and most of the money involved came from European sales not Irish ones.
The iBookstore reviewers are right, this app is so useful, it shouldn't be confined to a few states. And if I read the description right, it needs a few tweaks. 1. Make one app that covers all the states and can be of value overseas. 2. Move all that added 'your rights' information to a different app. Make this one just for recording. All that other stuff can confuse users in a tense situation. 3. Make it stealthy, meaning it doesn't look like it is recording. It should...
Apple should spend some of that money improving the text-related features of OS X. Those features virtually untouched since 10.2. For many of us, that wastes hours of our time each week. Needs included: 1. Support of epub as solid as that for pdf. 'New World' mobile devices display pdfs poorly. They need epub as badly as desktops needed pdf in the 'Old World' of the 1990s. Apple got that previous shift right. Why is it dragging its feet with epub? 2. Meaning or...
The good news from this patent is that Apple isn't letting its dominance of the smartphone market be an excuse to stand pat. That's what got Blackberry and Nokia in trouble. It is exploring new ideas and new features. The camera isn't that big a deal with me, but it's a deal breaker for many.
Sigh, yet another reason to not buy version one of the Apple Watch. Wait until all these issues settle out.
Ah yes, yet another reason why a tattoo is foolish. It confuses an Apple Watch. In my case, I've always envisioned myself a downed pilot in WWII, able to speak fluent German and having escaped a grim POW camp. Absent a tattoo, there'd be no "identifying marks" for the Gestapo to put on my wanted poster. I could smile as I went through checkpoint after checkpoint with my dyed hair and forged papers. Take that you stinking Nazis! Yeah, that's imaginary. But who knows what...
Bad title. "Drown" would be more appropriate than "Destroy." The latter suggests dropping or hitting not immersing.
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