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If this graphics power is coming at the expense of battery life, and it almost certainly is, then perhaps it's time for Apple to introduce EL (for Extended Life) versions of its mobile devices for gamers. A bit of added thickness wouldn't be hard to engineer and that added space could perhaps double battery life. Also, this graphics power has other uses, particularly in medicine, engineering and the sciences. It'd be great if Apple's devices could make it though a long and...
I suspect Apple will keep the headphone jack for a couple of reasons. 1. If it dumped a headphone jack, it couldn't get away with just one Lightning jack. People would not be able to charge and use an iPhone's mike/earphone at the same time. 2. That means two Lightning jacks on every iPhone. But that would add to an iPhone's cost, anger users with earphones they like, and add no additional capability to iPhones. There is a slight possibility that Apple would come up...
Is that graphic right? Does Spotlight still given minor information like a file's creation date but not where it is? Crazy! When I search for a file, I may not want to open it. I want to find out where it is, so I can, for instance, move it somewhere else. That's the essence of a search. Yet I've not been able to find out how to do that in the current Spotlight and that's apparent not in the new version either. Apple seems to think we want to use Spotlight in lieu of...
Given how poor my AT&T coverage is in my neighborhood, much less inside my house, Apple should have devoted a lot more attention to the feature. It's most appealing AT&T, adding insult to injury, told me I would have to pay $200 for a microcell to make up for their failures and to do what T-Mobile is offering for free.
Do I detect a note of sarcasm there?
Great national parks would make a good naming convention now that great cat names are almost exhausted. But I hope they'll include parks outside California. Nothing on the planet comes close to Yellowstone.
Not a good move. Toyota's exit after almost 60 years in California is an indication of what's to come. Apple needs to get more geographically diverse and learn to operate across thousands of miles. Why? California has been teetering on the edge of bankruptcy for years. As matters get worse, it'll target companies with deep pockets, particular high-tech. Companies that have most of the corporate eggs in a California basket will be in deep trouble.
Given that most developers weren't able to get seats and some can't afford the airfare, Apple really should consider hosting satellite conferences in other cities.
New Posts  All Forums: