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Bad title. "Drown" would be more appropriate than "Destroy." The latter suggests dropping or hitting not immersing.
That's a near perfect description of Apple's global activism. They go green for Earth Day and red for AIDS Day, while eagerly selling their products in countries that execute homosexuals, don't let woman drive cars, and treat harshly any conversion away from Islam. Sorry, but I have more respect for businesses that stay away from issues altogether. It simplifies doing business with them to just an exchange of money for products.
Apple would be foolish not to retain a 4-inch model. Many people don't like larger phones. They want one that is compact, easy to put away, and easy to hold.
 And what is that class? Tiny, clumsy screens that are accessories to a smartphone that's easier to use. What actual use has either the Apple Phone or any of it's kin? It lets those who rather neurotically check their iPhone screen every few minutes look at their watch instead. Apple's claiming that'll be better in a social setting, that others will find it less irritating. Not so, when others see someone looking at their smartphone, they assume they're waiting for an...
Obvious points: 1. What's Apple doing giving free products to very rich people? That's tacky and tasteless. 2. Who gives who rip what these celebrities are doing? All too many fans are shallow people with lives so empty that they have to live through surrogates. They need to build healthy lives of their own.
One reason Apple hasn't used the FM radio part of that Broadcom chip is because it sells music and would rather people not get that music free. With the move to digital FM, some countries, particularly in Europe, may start insisting on the feature to help their state radio networks. The idea might make sense if those digital FM stations also streamed data that smartphones could tap, including local weather and breaking news. In the U.S. NPR might benefit as some listener...
If this is true, then it was best left unsaid. He's telling terrorists what they should do. But maybe this isn't true. Maybe iPhones actually have a backdoor and he wants terrorists to use them. Like double-cross and triple-cross spies, these sorts of things leave my head spinning.
Environmentalism is often a fashionable and cheap virtue, particularly as selectively applied by Apple. Apple makes a big deal about supporting recycling, which means turning a pricey device back into mere pennies worth of raw material. Not accidentally, that reduces the supply of used Apple gadgets, forcing people to buy new. Meanwhile, with each year that passes, Apple makes their products more and more difficult to repair or upgrade, again forcing people to buy new...
Yeah, maybe once a month I might find this handoff feature useful. But I'm I writer and at least a dozen times a day I'm irritated by the fact that the open source HunSpell spelling checker is virtually worthless. * About a third the time, it can't even suggest a correct spelling, yet when I cut and paste that word into a Google search, Google knows the correct spelling about 98% of the time. * The "Hun" of Hunspell is a group in Hungary. Probably because they have so...
Hopefully, with these larger screen iPhones Apple is learning to offer the market more variety. Limiting models made sense when the company was small and struggling in the late 1990s. It makes no sense today. The iPhone, for instance, needs a sports model like the Apple Watch, and a thicker model with an far longer battery life for on the go people. It'd also be great to have a display-free desktop model in the huge gap between the Mac mini and the Mac Pro.
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