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Jesse Jackson has a well-established reputation as a shake-down artist with PUSH in Chicago. There, he's not only demanded that businesses hire more blacks, he often has a list of friends seeking well-paying executive positions. It the racial equivalent of Chicago-machine's classic pay to play. On the other hand, it's hard to feel much sympathy for a company that leans politically left and whose employees put a lot of money in the Obama basket in 2008 and 2012. If you...
Apple declining with its best days in the past? Yeah, I remember a lot of people saying that in the mid-nineties. I have my beefs with Apple, but they're about specifics and not the broad picture.
Jobs was smart. HDTV's are not only commodities, there's nothing about them needs the Apple touch. Where Apple might shine is in a box that connects to them and provides the content. There, Apple can shine and leverage its other investments. Notice too that Apple hasn't payed much interest in computer displays in years. Nothing there either. Do what you do well. Leave the rest too others.
Oh great, yet another way for the FBI, NSA, and various sex perverts to spy on us. I actually consider it a feature of my Mac mini that it doesn't have a camera or mike. Of course, I guess we can fix that camera with a bit of black electrical tape. It'd be better, though, if Apple would add a sliding cover in front of the lens. That said, I do hope the new Apple TV brings major changes. It'll justify my waiting.
Quote: "With the new features and services, schools will have greater control over devices handed out to students." Ah yes, the memories of high school that brings back. We didn't have gadgets like iPads back then. But looking back, I can recall in the first half of the 1960s the early symptoms of what torments us today--schools obsessed with "greater control" of their students. Oddly, that wasn't true of my grade school in the happy latter-1950s. Then, I could and did...
I wonder how these WiFi-dependent gadgets work in high-density areas? I've seen high-rise condo locations where WiFi will pick up two dozen or more stations at once. With that much interference and continual high-data-rate streaming, that video might get erratic.
Hilarious! Google, which would claim to employ some of the most intelligent people on the planet, gets caught doing something any journeyman plumber would know they shouldn't do. They were attempting to build without a permit, and in San Francisco no less. SF must have some of the most draconian permitting and building regulations in the country. And did someone point out to the just how useless a barge would be for staging Google Glass demonstrations? Barges don't...
The bullies at the DOJ made a giant blunder when they took on Apple. They hoped for a quick settlement, with happy little book purchasers, all properly bought off, pulling the lever for Obama in 2012. The big publishers folded quickly. Even they can't afford to take on the feds. But Apple, with pockets $160 billion deep, can fight them until doomsday and shows every indication of doing just that. Now what's the DOJ to do? Their lawyers, in proper Chicago-machine style,...
Still no fix for the dreadful spelling correction suggestions? One letter missing or two letters transposed and it's clueless.
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