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$99 does seem a bit much for a tiny keyboard, but you're getting a case with that. If you were going to buy a $30 case anyway, that cuts the price to $69. Their website is a bit short of details like battery life. Hopefully that'll come later.
The app is designed to pick the podcasts and newscasts that it decides you want to hear. I'd rather do that myself, getting a bit of real variety. To create an Orwellian term, I'd rather not engage in Likethink, seeing the world through one tinted set of lens. I say that for good reason. Four of the five shows on the illustrative iPhone page before the app was yanked were from either NPR or PBS. Are other sources that frightening or unsettling? Swell seems to assume they...
Hopefully this means the next generations of MBAs will have 8 Gig stock.
This confirms what I've long suspected, that the analysts and experts at IDC and Gartner don't know what they're talking about. Apple is probably being wise to let IDC and Gartner blunder this way. They're following an adage that's often attributed to Napoleon: "Never interrupt your enemy while he is making a mistake."
Show us. Create videos that illustrate break-ins and what data can be obtained.
Where are these jobs? The mention of Nokia suggest that many of the white-collar jobs will be in Finland, where Nokia is a huge slice of the nation's high-tech industry. And those that are factory jobs in places such as South Korea suggests that Nokia/Microsoft is joining the march to contracting out to huge almost-sweatshop factories built wherever the pay is the lowest. That's not healthy for a global economy. Kill jobs and over the long run you eliminate the ability of...
Keep in mind Apple's recent (and marvelous) ads showing iDevices using demanding applications in exotic and remote locations. Those people need iPhone and iPad models that can stand up to the demands being placed on them. Foremost among those are:   * Long battery life.   * Protection against harsh conditions, especially moisture.   Apple is behaving like an auto maker promoting a model as great for long family vacations but putting a tiny gas tank in it that lets it...
Apple goes to more trouble than any other company on the planet to make its smartphones look beautiful. Then it makes them so thin, that the woeful battery life has become Samsung commercial. As a result, customers are forced to pay upwards of $150 for a useful but bland battery case like this one: http://www.mophie.com/shop/iphone-5/space-pack-iphone-5s I like Mophie cases. I used to have several of them. But why should I have to buy one to get the battery life I need...
Yes, they're refurbished and guaranteed by Apple, but they're about twice what a used iPhone 5 is going for where I live. Used prices will drop even more when the iPhone 6 comes out.
Hilarious! Does Apple have some magic pixie dust it sprinkles over iPhone batteries to give them a certain capacity independent of their size. Of course not. A smaller case means smaller space for a battery and thus a lower capacity battery.   Criticizing the anemic (compared to others) battery capacity in iPhones is about the best way around to bring out the Apple fanboys.
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