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Yes, they're refurbished and guaranteed by Apple, but they're about twice what a used iPhone 5 is going for where I live. Used prices will drop even more when the iPhone 6 comes out.
Hilarious! Does Apple have some magic pixie dust it sprinkles over iPhone batteries to give them a certain capacity independent of their size. Of course not. A smaller case means smaller space for a battery and thus a lower capacity battery.   Criticizing the anemic (compared to others) battery capacity in iPhones is about the best way around to bring out the Apple fanboys.
To get slimmer iPhones, Apple reduces battery capacity, resulting in that clever Samsung wall-hugger' ad. Users then buy add-ons that conceal all the effort that Apple has put into the iPhone's appearance. The result is uglier and thicker than if Apple simply created EL-models with extended battery life. The real choice isn't between a pretty and thin iPhone and a still attractive but slightly thicker EL model. It's whether Apple makes only a model with such limited...
Passing that iPhone along to a friend or relative makes the most sense. That's what I do. Selling locally can be convenient too. That's how I got my 3GS. Not everyone can afford those costly contracts and the more iPhone users around, the better the app selection. I'd be more likely to sell to Apple if they made clear that all working phones are reused, meaning acquired by someone else. But their vague chatter about 'reuse and recycle' leaves me with a disturbing feeling...
"TBWA\Media Arts Lab, which dreamed up iconic campaigns like the "Think Different" series." Oh, yes, I remember that one. If included the Tibetan Dalai Lama except in Hong Kong, where the Chinese government would have gotten upset. Perhaps that message should have been amended to: "Be different except where it takes courage and humanity." Or, as an Apple spokeswoman put it: ''The Dalai Lama really stands for our message in the United States. 'But in China, he may not get...
This app has been jinxed from the start. Fortunately, I can still use the iTunes app to listen to podcasts. Just set up a playlist and drag all them into it. I can even put them in an order I like. Sync iTunes on my Mac with my iPhone and all is hunky dory.
Apple's not being 'annoyingly quiet." Bono is being annoyingly boastful about what he does for fashionable causes or, to be more accurately, for being annoyingly demanding about what others ought to do. As another poster has noted, Bono demands that governments do more while using every trick he can to evade paying taxes on his huge fortune. The guy's a phony as a pink $1 bill.
It's quite clear why Microsoft must force this upgrade. I used to like Skype, but then came the UI changes just before Microsoft bought them. That made Skype into the worst--bar none--UI on the Mac. I quit using Skype. Others apparently stuck with those older versions instead, hence this need to force them to update. A better-run organization would give OS X and iOS versions a Mac-like UI rather that a Microsoft one.
If this graphics power is coming at the expense of battery life, and it almost certainly is, then perhaps it's time for Apple to introduce EL (for Extended Life) versions of its mobile devices for gamers. A bit of added thickness wouldn't be hard to engineer and that added space could perhaps double battery life. Also, this graphics power has other uses, particularly in medicine, engineering and the sciences. It'd be great if Apple's devices could make it though a long and...
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