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Blackberry would be better advised to concentrate on creating products people want to buy rather than unleashing their lawyers on those who do. I also find the court's decision in favor of Blackberry bizarre. Compare the two keyboards above and you'll see that virtually all the similarity is the QWERTY key layout, which no one owns. The makers of Typo might want to concentrate their attention in another area. Look at virtually every small Bluetooth keyboard on the...
Hiring Tesla employees at any price? Could Apple be planning an electric iCar? That's where their expertise lies, not in route mapping or self-driving cars. Of course, as another poster suggested, Apple could be going after those with battery expertise. But I suspect banks of car batteries are quite different from those in iDevices.
Deja vu. I seem to remember similar stories in the early 1990s about Microsoft taking over everything. That story fell apart, as did the one about IBM before it. Apple needs to be careful the same hubris doesn't do it in.
Glad to see Apple and Samsung can still do business together. At times the high-tech industry behave like a bunch of third-grade boys engaging in legal disputes that like like 'well you mama wears army boots' name calling. There's a serious need to grow up and simply compete on price and quality.
Last year, an AT&T salesman showed me all the features of his smartwatch. Most involved customizations like that described above. Was I impressed? No, watches are for telling time. As long as they do that I'm happy. I don't need changing faces for them. If I were style-obsessed enough to care, owning several watches would be cheaper and simpler. Nor do I need a watch that takes my pulse. I used to be on the nursing staff at a hospital. I can take my own pulse rate in a...
I'm not sure I would rush to blame Apple on this one. The legalities of licensing copyrighted material in other countries can get quite messy. 
Quote: "The widget also does not show cover art." Bravo! Recently, the various iTunes, Music and Podcast apps in OS X and iOS have developed an irritating tendency to display pictures when words would serve better. I often curse Apple for thinking we're a bunch of illiterates. The Podcast app is particularly irritating in that respect. It clutters my iPhone screen with pointless pictures but too few controls and poorly designed ones at that. It gives me a line only a...
I'm glad to see Apple doing well, but the company should keep in mind that size and success can breed federal intervention, as when the Clinton administration took on Microsoft and when the Obama administration went after Apple and the Big Five publishers. Apple needs to behave like a very, very good little boy, not doing anything that could get it into trouble. The company's executives should study the troubles AT&T and IBM got into decades ago when they tried to bully...
Has Apple fixed the memory leak that some connect to the Mail app and others to the kernel? My Mac has crashed twice due to it. https://discussions.apple.com/thread/6623697
Students teach themselves iPads well enough that within days they've bypasses the school's security checks. Their teachers are apparently able to nothing without expensive, lengthy, formal training. Is there a more apt illustration of why our schools are failing?
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