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Hopefully, this'll encourage Apple to add GPS chips to their entire product line from the iPod touch to the non-WiFi iPad and all their laptops. Every Apple product should be location aware. That'd be marvelous for app developers and users.
Given how cluttered the unlicensed WiFi spectrum is, it'd make sense to create a band that's dedicated to medical devices. Every WiFi chip would be able to use it, but only certain apps, mostly medical ones, would be able to access it. Otherwise, we're going to find people whose heart attack symptoms go undetected because the guy in the next apartment is streaming a movie or because a microwave over in a cafe is warming up meals.
Let's hope they spend at least a few million to improve OS X's text services, which seem virtually untouched since 10.2. The spell-checker's suggestions draw a blank about a third the time for me, which is a real time waster. Building ePub into the system like PDF is has long been overdue. Named styles have been in Word since at least the late 1980s. It's time they came to OS X text apps, particularly since that'd make working with ePub export much better. And GREP for...
Reaching the cops or fire trucks isn't that big a deal. They're building that into the specs for all next-generation cell phones. One number will get you to them wherever you arm and even if you don't have a local cell plan. Of far more importance in many countries is finding a doctor, dentist, car mechanic, or lawyer that you can trust. That's a far more complex issue. The better, meaning more expensive, hotels know how to manage that for their guests. But what if you're...
Thank goodness Apple doesn't need the Ultrabook label. The last thing I want is a touch screen laptop that needs the screen cleaned every day.
I'd be a bit more impressed if these news stories didn't claim that Foxconn would be building these factories. That leaves the real executive and technical expertise off-shore, with Americans--and very few of them in automated factories--merely providing the labor.
The Democrats strike again. They won't be happy until they can turn their Great Recession into a Great Depression. Liberal Democrats were never happier than under FDR. And there's no question that's what's happening. The three state in the worst economic shape--California, Illinois and New York, are heavily Democratic. And Detroit, perhaps the worst major city in the country, hasn't elected anyone but liberal Democrats in half a century. Keep in mind another factor for...
Los Angeles or Detroit for factories! Are these people crazy? There's are reasons why both cities have high unemployment rates. They have high taxes, hideous regulations, corrupt governments, and almost no work ethic, not to mention horrible rates of drug addiction and crime. Foxconn needs to take note what Asian automakers are doing. They're locating in the Southeastern United States where there's a solid Scot-Irish work ethic, a low cost of living, and friendly,...
I'd love to hear Apple Insider or someone with the technical skills commenting on whether it makes sense of Apple to add a Lightning port to Mac laptops. For charging, it makes no sense. But it might make sense for peripherals such as audio/music/photography accessories and audio/video in/out devices to work with both iPads and MacBook Airs. Apple would get more sales. We'd get double value for what we buy.
This upgrade may save me money. Non-upgradable RAM removes one of my key reasons for getting a MacBook Pro over a MacBook Air.
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