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Downing loading app updates inside iTunes just worked for me. The problem is either spotty or being fixed.
Will Apple do the same of OS X? Let's hope so.
Egads! Either that guy has a skinny arm or the Apple phone is even larger than I thought. I would agree with another poster. Don't buy one without trying it on first.
I'd be more interested in HomeKit is it really were smart. What I've heard described is more like convenient, i.e.   1. Turn on your heating/cooling on the way home. 2. Have your heating/cooling adapt to your schedule automatically.   Years ago, I worked in energy management that really was smart, tailoring heating and cooling to save energy. An even smarter version of that would interest me. It'd:   1. Turn on ventilation fans to cool my interior at night during...
Just because I'm not interested in games, TV shows or watching that many movies doesn't mean I'm not into digital content. I like writing and reading, hence my Mac mini and iPad. I like podcast and audiobooks, hence my iPhone. I just can't come up with what I'd do with an Apple TV attached to my oft-ignored TV set.   So  yes, I like the Apple TV price, but what would I get in return that'd justify even that modest price. I have about as much use for an Apple TV as I...
Given the reasonable price, I've been considering get an Apple TV when the new model comes out%u2014assuming it has the new features described in this article. After all, I need something attached to my den TV other than a DVD player, something that keeps it from sitting idle for weeks on end. But I keep running into a wall labeled "Why?" What would an Apple TV do that my Mac and iPad won't do? I'm not into games. I gave up on TV as a total bore about two years ago. I...
Henry Ford = Ford Motor Company Charles Schwab = Charles Schwab (investments) John Cadbury = Cadbury (chocolate) William Colgate = Colgate-Palmolive (toothpaste etc.) William Wrigley = Wrigley Co. (gum) Etc. So why not: Steve Jobs = Steve Jobs Inc. Naw, I think not. People have grow too used to Apple.
I can remember when the 'thin is cool' fad began with Motorola's Razr phone in 2004. It was silly then. It's even sillier to see that fad linger on over a decade later. Year after year, the mantra continues: "Thin is the new thin, thin is the new thin...." Thin in mobile and portable devices is as pointless as those tail fins on early 1960s cars. Once a device is too big for a shirt or coat pocket, we need to carry it around in a bag. And when that's true, being 0.5"...
Steve Jobs: "I just don't like television. Apple will never make a TV again." My sentiments exactly. There's a reason why TVs have names like "idiot box." Chronic views sucks away time that's far better spent doing other things.
I hope Apple is looking into a stand-alone version of the new keyboard and trackpad they're putting into their new laptops. Quite a few people, including me, like to use a keyboard with the same feel for laptops and desktops, iDevices too.
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