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Not upgrading the MBA to Haswell would be a mistake. Ultra-portability is closely linked in users' expectations for a long battery life. Current MBAs don't have very impressive battery life. That's why I prefer to stick with my iPad and a Bluetooth keyboard.
Yes, all they left out is what matters most to many customers--that better quality back camera.
Picture taking is more useful than video calls. I'd rather have a better camera on the back and lose the one on the front. The difference probably comes down to pennies. That illustrates one reason why I can't get interested in iPod touches. Apple seems cripple them in irritating ways. For a long time it was no camera. Now it's not the camera I want. An iPhone a generation or two back makes more sense.
This is where the iPad mini shines. It's lighter than the regular iPad and slips easily into the large hip pocket in coats and tunics. There's also a market for those who can come up with accessories and apps for medical staff. Cases need to look medical and protect well, including from chemicals. Email and messaging apps specifically designed for in-hospital use should also be popular.
What Apple could do with both its laptops and iDevices is offer an EL (for Extended Life) model that's a bit thicker but doubles the battery life. The design requirements for that would be trivial.
If true, this cooperation is good news. In the last year or so, Apple's attitude toward Samsung has had me wondering if we'd end up with second rate products because the best supplier was Samsung.
Unfortunately, 50% less consumption by the CPU doesn't mean a doubled battery life. The screen is also consuming quite a bit of energy. Also, Intel's plans includes a lot of tweaking of other parts of the computer to save energy. If Apple takes the time to do that, we could see a dramatic improvement. If not, it'll be less impressive. Personally, I'd like to see Apple add a reasonably priced EL edition to most of its laptop line. The EL (for extended battery life) would...
Interesting app, but I used to work in a hospital. I wonder how often busy staff will go through that long procedure: pasteboard box setup, alignment and all. Most color lab strips can be read with the eye in a few seconds in a patient's room. This seems to take a minute or more just for the test and you can't leave an iPhone lying around waiting to be snitched. That said, if the strip plus app is accurate enough to replace pricey lab tests, it makes sense. If it's just...
I just wish that Apple would spend a fraction of those tens of billions on improving text services for OS X. I waste hours because the spell-checking and particularly the lookup for misspellings is so dreadful. And why can't OS X (and thus all the apps that depend on it) output documents in ePub as easily as in PDF? We've been in the mobile age for almost a decade and Macs still think we output to paper. And why is moving documents from applications on my Mac to those on...
Nice idea, but I'd like to see Apple do something that'd make location finding more helpful: create a way for iOS devices to share GPS location data via Bluetooth. In my case, it'd let me use my iPhone GPS with my iPad.
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