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The fact that Steve Jobs didn't initially want iBooks is most interesting. It almost makes this mess of a dispute worthwhile, that and learning what Apple believes its market share to be--an impressive 20%. No wonder Amazon is unhappy. No wonder it whistled for the DOJ to do its dirty work. Of course, that's not really surprising. From the start, Apple hasn't had its heart in selling ebooks like it has in selling music. I spotted that early on, particularly as month after...
Ah, but what's the battery life on these Haswell MBAs going to be like. That's what I wonder. If the battery life isn't a bit beyond ten hours, I don't see any reason to upgrade my sturdy little white MacBook. I'm strong enough not to notice a couple of extra pounds. That and I'd like to see WiFi-ac in place of the now old n-standard. I try not to upgrade my laptops until they come with the latest WiFi standard.
Having worked in a hospital, I can easily imagine how, with a well-designed UI and the right apps, a tunic-pocket sized iPad mini could be a marvelous work organizer and time saver. For remembering to-dos back in that technological stone age, I had to depend on a wind-up pocket alarm. Linked to equipment, an iPad could be even better. The nurses I worked with depended on their IV pumps to beep when they ran out of fluid. A well-designed system could link to those pumps...
Ah, but the article failed to answer the question that's on my mind. Will the new iOS run on my aging but still serviceable 3GS? My budget doesn't allow it to be replaced, but I'd like to keep up with the upgrades.
It's a bit difficult to swallow all this whining by an Amazon executive. At the time of Apple's alleged crime, Amazon owned 90% of the ebook market in the U.S. and was selling many ebooks belong their cost to crush competitors. Now their market share is in the 70% range, still too high for a healthy competitive market but better. Not dominating the market is what has Amazon hot and bothered. Apple's problem isn't an excess of zeal or any effort to dominate the ebook...
Flat or 3-D--who cares? What iOS needs isn't a bit more or less chrome, a la Detroit in the 1950s. What it needs is better features underneath, particularly more ability to deal with rich text and easier ways to exchange files with computers, both our own and those of others. And why not built-in group collaboration as a business tool? Let two or more people share documents.
Not upgrading the MBA to Haswell would be a mistake. Ultra-portability is closely linked in users' expectations for a long battery life. Current MBAs don't have very impressive battery life. That's why I prefer to stick with my iPad and a Bluetooth keyboard.
Yes, all they left out is what matters most to many customers--that better quality back camera.
Picture taking is more useful than video calls. I'd rather have a better camera on the back and lose the one on the front. The difference probably comes down to pennies. That illustrates one reason why I can't get interested in iPod touches. Apple seems cripple them in irritating ways. For a long time it was no camera. Now it's not the camera I want. An iPhone a generation or two back makes more sense.
This is where the iPad mini shines. It's lighter than the regular iPad and slips easily into the large hip pocket in coats and tunics. There's also a market for those who can come up with accessories and apps for medical staff. Cases need to look medical and protect well, including from chemicals. Email and messaging apps specifically designed for in-hospital use should also be popular.
New Posts  All Forums: