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Apple should spend some of that money improving the text-related features of OS X. Those features virtually untouched since 10.2. For many of us, that wastes hours of our time each week. Needs included: 1. Support of epub as solid as that for pdf. 'New World' mobile devices display pdfs poorly. They need epub as badly as desktops needed pdf in the 'Old World' of the 1990s. Apple got that previous shift right. Why is it dragging its feet with epub? 2. Meaning or...
The good news from this patent is that Apple isn't letting its dominance of the smartphone market be an excuse to stand pat. That's what got Blackberry and Nokia in trouble. It is exploring new ideas and new features. The camera isn't that big a deal with me, but it's a deal breaker for many.
Sigh, yet another reason to not buy version one of the Apple Watch. Wait until all these issues settle out.
Ah yes, yet another reason why a tattoo is foolish. It confuses an Apple Watch. In my case, I've always envisioned myself a downed pilot in WWII, able to speak fluent German and having escaped a grim POW camp. Absent a tattoo, there'd be no "identifying marks" for the Gestapo to put on my wanted poster. I could smile as I went through checkpoint after checkpoint with my dyed hair and forged papers. Take that you stinking Nazis! Yeah, that's imaginary. But who knows what...
Bad title. "Drown" would be more appropriate than "Destroy." The latter suggests dropping or hitting not immersing.
That's a near perfect description of Apple's global activism. They go green for Earth Day and red for AIDS Day, while eagerly selling their products in countries that execute homosexuals, don't let woman drive cars, and treat harshly any conversion away from Islam. Sorry, but I have more respect for businesses that stay away from issues altogether. It simplifies doing business with them to just an exchange of money for products.
Apple would be foolish not to retain a 4-inch model. Many people don't like larger phones. They want one that is compact, easy to put away, and easy to hold.
 And what is that class? Tiny, clumsy screens that are accessories to a smartphone that's easier to use. What actual use has either the Apple Phone or any of it's kin? It lets those who rather neurotically check their iPhone screen every few minutes look at their watch instead. Apple's claiming that'll be better in a social setting, that others will find it less irritating. Not so, when others see someone looking at their smartphone, they assume they're waiting for an...
Obvious points: 1. What's Apple doing giving free products to very rich people? That's tacky and tasteless. 2. Who gives who rip what these celebrities are doing? All too many fans are shallow people with lives so empty that they have to live through surrogates. They need to build healthy lives of their own.
One reason Apple hasn't used the FM radio part of that Broadcom chip is because it sells music and would rather people not get that music free. With the move to digital FM, some countries, particularly in Europe, may start insisting on the feature to help their state radio networks. The idea might make sense if those digital FM stations also streamed data that smartphones could tap, including local weather and breaking news. In the U.S. NPR might benefit as some listener...
New Posts  All Forums: