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It's easy to suspect that recycling means turning those still useful iPhone 4/4s phones into plastic and aluminum pop cans rather the keeping them in service, so Apple can sell more new phones. Don't do that. That's wasterful. Make sure they are reused for what they were intended. Sell them or give them to a friend or relative.
A modestly faster CPU is OK, but even my seven-year-old MacBook has enough moxie for what I use a laptop for. Of more interest would be a boost in the standard RAM from 4 Gig to 8 Gig. That extra $100 is far too much to pay for what's likely to soon be the necessary. Rumors are feeding high expectation for the next MBA, along with delayed purchasing. If Apple delivers a radically improved MBA, they'll have a runaway bestseller on their hands. If not, some will wait...
Will I be able to classify a purchase and enter comments about what I bought at the time of purchase? If not, my iPhone will just be a heavier, clumsier version of the credit card I already have.
 No thinner is just thinner. It's an artistic affectation. Artists think what they do is better just because they do it. It isn't. Thin matters for the blades of knives and for ballerinas. It matters not one iota in smartphones. They simply need to fit in our pockets.  Actually it's not me I meant. I just go for walks when it's not raining. I'm talking about many, many people with outdoor lifestyles stuck with a smartphone that's designed for elderly spinsters who's idea...
 As I see it, Apple's still in the 'little David confronting the Goliath' mode you see in its 1984 Superbowl ad. It owns huge market shares, but forces its customers into the narrowest of product options. For instance, there are just two models of iPhones and two of iPads. Imagine a major auto maker that offered a Big Car and a Little Car. And no, I don't want Apple to adopt the confusing array of constantly changing products that many companies have. I'd just like to see...
Why thinner? I don't chop meat with a tablet, and if I take it anywhere, it's in a padded case that's thick enough that the presence or absence of a tiny fraction of an inch matters little. I'd far rather have: 1. Better drop resistance built in, water resistance too. 2. A longer battery life. It's now good for a day. Make that multi-day. The same can be said about the iPhone. Thinner is not better.
Oh great, an Apple TV with a camera so the NSA or various weirdos can spy on us in our living rooms. I can only hope Apple has thought of that and has a sliding lens cover, a badly blurred lens, or something.
Hopefully that 12" MBA will ship with 8 gig of memory standard. Apple's upgrade pricing for the current models is ridiculous.
It's not hard to see what Apple intends. Use another company's baseband chips and your phones are like those of your competitors. Use your own chips, and your phones may be better, giving you a competitive advantage. The risk lies in that 'may.' Get it wrong but ship your chip in a phone anyway and you're in big, big trouble. That said, Apple is now big enough they can afford to take a chance and may be able to use their 'we have our own design' and perhaps some patents...
New Posts  All Forums: