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This AT&T executive seems to have lack the candor to point out the obvious, that his company has to change its policies because T-Mobile changed theirs and the move has proved popular,
Why is Apple pouring huge sums into maps when there are a number of quite effective map apps and web pages available from others. I must have at least a dozen I could install on my iPhone. it strikes me as little more that an ego game by corporate executives. Think of grade school boys engaging in who can piss the furtherest contests. In fact, I had someone on Microsoft's Bing team tell me that was precisely the reason Microsoft developed Bing. The company's top...
Comparing this item with traditional opthalmoscopes raises an issue. Most are shaped to keep the body of the instrument away from the face. This one isn't. I wonder if there'll be issues with the body of that iPhone contacting the face or unable to be pointed properly to to a prominent cheekbone, nose or whatever. That may be why a previous poster referred to the images have to be taken with "this device turned on its side." That matters because, if it ends up touching...
Music, TV, and maps to be improved? Those are all for playtime. It'd be great if Apple would offer some improvements for those who use Macs for work. The spell checker is awful and text services still aren't up to Microsoft Word circa the late 1980s. That leaves a lot of speciality apps such as Scrivener sadly lacking in features. Perhaps if Apple made OS X a more efficient work platform, we'd have more free time to use its play and recreational services.
Wait and see how well it works. I suspect it'll work well with low-current devices such as computer mice but not high-current devices such as flashlights.
When I was growing up, our Fifties-era home had something like this. Latching relays controlled the lights. From the kitchen and master bedroom, you could turn every light in the house on and off. Neat? Not really. My dad wired it into our home but never used it. Neither did my mother. Occasionally, on rainy days my siblings or I would play with it. That's why I have trouble finding much value in HomeKit. A bedtime, for instance, you want to do a walk around the house...
I doubt I'll ever understand the point of these 'keep you from having to stand up and walk a few feet' gadgets. We sit around too much. Getting up and about is good for our health. It make no sense.
These delays may be good news. As is did when iTunes debuted, Apple may be trying to break new ground, hence these licensing delays. That said, I have not interest in a $30-40 per month service no matter what it includes.
Ah, but there's one area where Google beats the socks off Apple. The spell-checker in OS X is so pitiful, it fails to offer suggestions about 1/3 the time. Even a single missing letter or pair of transposed letters can leave it clueless. I cut and paste that same misspelling into a Google search and perhaps 98% of the time Goggle nails the word I meant. And I might add that for a lot of us having decent spell checking is a heck of a lot more important than anything...
Good news. I'm suspecting that the techniques and technology developed for the Apple Watch may prove more useful on iPhones.
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