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Marvelous! I love Google Voice, particularly the voice mail to text message feature. But it's a stand-alone service that requires my main phone number to be a GV number. That doesn't work well. I've long been frustrated that marketing-driven cell companies haven't integrated GV's features into their services. It would be a good selling point. But having Apple build those features into iOS would be even better. Lets hope these rumors prove true. Oh, and if anyone on the...
$25 for what's little more than a cardboard box? No thanks!
Remember Apple's "1884" ad? With IBM buying oodles of MacBooks, it looks like 2015 "won't be like 1984."
I'm a skeptic. The very traits that make a company successful in one area often make it ill-adapted for other areas.
I hope you're right, but the same Apple ID won't be why. I use that ID when I get iOS and OS X apps, and I still have to pay twice. I'm assuming that developers will need to rework their apps for the Apple TV. After all, it doesn't have the same UI as an iPhone (no touch screen, no gyroscope etc). So they'll need to make quite a few changes. Apple is rewarding them by offering a new sale. That makes sense. But it would be good if owning the iOS version would give us a...
Alas, a separate app store means we'll have to buy again apps we already have. That negates one of iOS's better features.
Why upgrade? Apple isn't doing enough to distinguish their latest tablet hardware from earlier models. They should add: 1. GPS to non-cellular models. 2. A broader range of USB connectivity. 3. An SD/HC slot. Absent #1, there should be a built-in way for an iPhone to share GPS location data with iPads and Macs. That'd set the entire product line off from their competition.
How irritating. Apple seems to be creating a nanny operating system that treats users like children who need to have their every step guided by someone wiser. It also reminds me of Microsoft's irritating Clippy. It'd try to type something and Clippy would come up asking me if I wanted to write a letter. Oh, I I hated it.
Jobs "brutal" behavior is well-documented. It's easy to suspect that the fond memories these Apple executives have for him now flow in part from the fact that he made them stupendously rich and that he's now dead, unable to trouble them any more. It's also probably true that Apple's upper ranks were a self-selecting group of those who could handle his abusive speech. Less thick-skinned but perhaps more talented people left. It's also true that the angry young man of the...
Kremlinology over actual facts? Sorry, but that make no sense. What are the actual sales of Apple watches? Apple's not saying and is bundling that income with other items. That suggests that they're less than spectacular. That's not surprising. Apple did its best and what it did is impressive. But a tiny touch screen simply isn't that useful for the vast majority of iPhone users. The UI is too constrained.
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