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Whatever happens, I hope this'll mean Apple gets over its obsession with thin and start making laptops that are more feature-rich and less port-poor. Every time I think of getting a MacBook Air, I end up asking myself if there's that much difference between it an my iPad with a keyboard. I draw a blank.
I'm hoping someone with make an ordinary watch with iPhone-effective buttons to mute music and podcasts, raise or lower volume, and skip forward. Vibration in place of my phone ringing would be nice too, with different buzzes for different people. That way I could use any earphone I like. In short, give us the most useful features of an Apple Watch at a fraction of the price and with a much longer battery life.
Blackberry executives were hardly the only ones who didn't understand the market that Apple would tap with the iPhone. Every other executive in the cell phone business seems to have been caught flat-footed. There's no excuse either. I spent the two years before the iPhone came out looking for something that'd do the sorts of things I needed. None did. All seemed to be focused on created new income sources for cell companies.
Probably a bad move. I think Apple-brokered contracts are a bad deal, but there are quite a few people who think they're the only way to go. If AT&T shuns those customers, they'll either go with Verizon and get better coverage or T-Mobile and get lower prices.
As a Creative Cloud member, let me say that I am quite impressed with Adobe's marvelous iOS team. They're making CC an even greater delight to use and the synching between tablet and desktop is great. Draft on a tablet. Refine on a desktop. I love it. As a member, I'd like to make one suggestion. Give us an app and interface that lets us share snippets of text between apps and across platforms as easily as we can share images. In fact, build that snippet sharing into all...
Here's hoping one "epicenter of change" in both OSs will be a much improved spell-checker, particularly the look up for misspelled words and the handling of hyphenated words. Not, the greatest of spellers, I waste a lot of time thanks to that flawed spell checker. I often have to resort to a Google search to find out the correct spelling or correct hyphenation of a word.
Given California's dreadful political system, Apple would be well-advised to shift its staff, including developers, to other high-tech centers, including Raleigh, Huntsville, and Austin. It's not just that California 'ain't got no water' and didn't prepare for this drought. Its highways and public schools are among the worst in the country due to dreadful special interest politics and crony politics. Some of the country's worst rich/poor gaps don't help either. Think...
Global Command Center? Apple's "1984" ad implied that IBM wanted to take over the world. Is Apple developing a similar ambition? I'd suggest adopting a more modest and specific name, something like iCloud (or Apple) Data Management Center.
I wondered why the price of used 15" MacBook Pros on Craigslist seemed to have dropped quite a bit in recent months. This is apparently why. Some people simply must own the latest and greatest.
This customer doesn't "love" any iMac. I owned one and learned to loathe it. I'm one of the creative professionals that used to be important to Apple. I live in a small college town far from any Apple store. Fixing a broken Mac though a local third-party, they tell me, will take about a week because they can't keep parts in inventory. I can't afford to be not working for that long. For those in my line of work, the all-in-one design of the iMac is a disaster waiting to...
New Posts  All Forums: