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Ah yes, Apple will go nuclear to drive down Samsung, with factories in democratic South Korea. But it has no problem making its own products in cheap-labor China, a brutally repressive, single-party dictatorship. I've come to suspect that the company of "think different" doesn't think at all%u2014at least about democracy and freedom. Its obsession with profit extends all the way down to the corporate bedrock and its ideas about virtues never go beyond putting solar panels up.
I'd hoped Amazon would break with all the irritations of the current cellphone market. No such luck. Just another cell phone but with that silly fake 3D stuff. That and not price is why if failed.
Others are right, requiring Office 365 fees is a show-stopper from me. I don't use Office enough to justify that cost.
Three years has nothing to do with it. Apple's hardware requirements are support for Bluetooth 4.0, which is supports. This is just Apple's overpaid executives trying the make themselves even richer by crippling their software to force a hardware upgrade. They're so petty and small. They haven't, to my knowledge, attempt an excuse for this behavior.    I grow tired of Apple's little fanboys, particularly those obsessed with bodily excretions. They're not as tiresome as...
Why does Apple let itself get into these situations. They get bad publicity. They have to pay a lot of money to lawyers. And they're end up covering these costs anyway. Why not just create a big pile of money and set it on fire? Is Apple going to do the same with iOS 8 and the iPad 3. I got mine, in part, because it supports Bluetooth 4.0, which should let it run Continuity. But iOS 8.1 doesn't even offer that option. Another lawsuit lurking?
Well yes, I guess you write instant messages at the grade-school level OS X/Hunspell isn't that bad. It does know that "cathc" ought to be spelled "catch." It's a great spell checker for grammar schools, middle-schools, and junior high. But that's all.   But I edit science books by people with multiple PhDs. I don't gripe that it doesn't understand extremely technical terms or the Latin names used for various plants and animals. I gripe that it doesn't have words that...
Sorry fellow, but it's not my job to add words to dictionaries. That's the job of those who supply that dictionary, in this case Apple. It's no more my job to make up for Apple (and HumSpell's) deficiencies than it is for me to debug their code.
Get used to this guys. For the first time perhaps in human history, a particular expression of technology may disappear as anything other than museum pieces. Mechanical parts, say those in a 19th-century revolver or a 1930s airplane engine, can be easily manufactured by hand or repaired. But unless someone comes up with the silicon equivalent of lathes for metal, the same is not true of computer chips, much less the intricate parts of a small hard drive. Once they're no...
I wish Apple would spend a little of that huge sum fixing the absolutely dreadful HunSpell dictionary/spell checker in OS X. It illustrates that open source can mean that what's everyone's responsibility is no one's responsibility%u2014the 'Problem of the Commons.' I'm continually amazed by: 1. How many words aren't in the dictionary. Add a common prefix or suffix to a word to create a perfectly legitimate word and it flags it as misspelled. 2. How awful the spelling...
GT Advanced is bankrupt. It's only customer was Apple. It's selling off its manufacturing furnaces. Exactly how is it going to make the money to pay back Apple over the next four years? If Apple wants to use GT Advanced sapphire in iDevices, it'll need to take over the company and make the investment required to make that mass-production sapphire. The money isn't going to float in out of thin air.
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