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Hopefully, the transit features will also include maps of airport interiors and how to get about them.
No mention of GPS location sharing? I've long wanted my iPhone to me able to share my location with my iPad and MacBook. A simple Bluetooth protocol should be all it takes.
I'm glad to see Apple is including Markdown in Swift. It's be great if they'd build support for Markdown into the text features of iOS and OS X too. That and: 1. Allowing all text apps to benefit from many of the features of Pages, including styles. That'd make it easy to move documents around. 2. Drastic improvements to OS X's spell checker. 3. Make export to epub as easy as export to PDF has always been within OS X. That's important for mobile devices with varying...
Among veterinarians, this is called "putting down" a pet, except in this case the pet is a stray that never found owners. Newsstand never attracted many users, do unless Apple comes up with something magic, this new app is likely to bomb too. The problem doesn't just lie with how Apple shares revenue with publications. It lies with the value, if any, users attach to the application.
Apple certainly needs to do something to fix its cloud woes. Last week, for some reason the iOS app store had an over abundance of app updates. Their servers could not handle the load and iTunes isn't robust to handle the non-responses from them. As a result, my iTunes went in spinning rainbow land and the iTunes database files got trashed. I only fixed the problem by replacing those files with those in a SuperDuper backup from the day before. Mac users who were less tech...
Diversity? The selection process for corporate ranks is so intense, I suspect there's not a gnat's eyelash in difference between the men and women. They're as alike as peas in a pod. Besides, I thought that claiming there are differences between men and women was sexist. Which is it%u2014diversity or equality? Each denies the other. We live in a most illogical age. Thinking has become the secular 'sin unto death.' I might add that I care a rip about this squabble about...
 Not joking. Not joking at all. Dead serious. In the aftermath of World War I, G. K. Chesterton blasted internationalists who, he said, "love every country but their own." He was being sarcastic. This world set feigned concern for the world to justify nasty agendas such as H. G. Wells' brutally regimented World State (see his A Modern Utopia). Chesterton's classic 1922 Eugenics and Other Evils is an attack on all those who want an expert few to dictate to the many. Even...
Apple might want to make some of the fonts they've created available through Adobe's Typekit, so they're more widely known. Nice too to know that these jackets were "Made in the USA" rather than by children in some dreadful third-world sweatshop.
Ah yes, I really feel for these unfortunate Londoners. They are ready, willing and able to buy a $12,000 watch that will be obsolete in a year or two. Yet there is mean-spirited Apple, refusing to give them their heart's desire (for this week). Oh the unfairness of it all. Oh, the inhumanity. /sarcasm
This AT&T executive seems to have lack the candor to point out the obvious, that his company has to change its policies because T-Mobile changed theirs and the move has proved popular,
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