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Cant wait to see this happen......   P.S The stock is down even with this news.... so Apple is doomed no matter what they do.
 Its nice to know there are at least someone else who like the product idea. Whether it will happen or not.There may very well be many family now with over 5 - 6 Apple products. For those of us who have slow Internet connection, this will be a god send. I have been looking up the caching services, while the marketing material state it will speed up iCloud, it doesn't seems to cache any iCloud Backup or Photos at all from the documents provided.
Actually as I got to know more about enterprise stuff, I got to think Mac Mini may actually continue to exist, rather then disappeared as I previously thought. It would have disappeared if it was still Steve Jobs's Apple, but under Tim Cook, Apple wanted to have a piece of Enterprise.
 This is likely the case for a true Apple TV. ( I hope ) There are many many analyst arguing the case against Apple making TV, saying replacement cycle and lack of profit margin due to competition. Well, yes those may well be true, but then Apple might as well stop making Airport Express, AirPort Extreme, or heck even the Mac Pro. I dont want to switch Remote, and switch to HDMI 1 / 2 input etc.
Thx I am thinking how much money do Apple pay for its legal system and patent dispute.
The faster they adopt the better.
 Yes, Possible, since it is now possibly the lowest common denominator in connector. But why the hell Apple could not use USB 3.1 Protocol? And I am not getting where the Apple I/O are heading. I am guessing Lightning Port for all peripherals, Hence it doesn't need the 10Gbps offered by USB 3.1. And then Thundebolt, which is essentially a external PCI-Express with DisplayPort, will be using USB-C, but then the controller cheap is still Intel only. Which slows the adaption...
There are currently two ways to Backup and Restore your iPhone, which is the most popular Apple devices.   Use iTunes, or iCloud. iTunes Sucks. I haven't met a single user who would use it unless they absolutely have to.   iCloud kind of works, but it is slow, you need a reliable Internet connection, and its speed is also dependent on Apple's iCloud which means it will become slow at times. Especially after a new iPhone launch.   Downloading of new iOS update is...
I wish the antenna band could go away.
 Sounds like Apple's MicroLED in the work. If, and If the MicroLED worked and can be produced in scale. There is very little reason to switch over to OLED.
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