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 The reality is there are more customer willing to pay premium for leading node then the max capacity available.  Which means if Apple took most of those 10nm TSMC capacity, the remaining customer who cant get enough capacity from TSMC will have to move to Samsung anyway since there are no other choice. Intel has been quiet on Custom Foundry, I think the low ( or lower ) margin on Custom Foundry they are afraid of their EPS affecting stock price.
Contrary to what others have said, Engadget had quoted him "the move "frees [him] up" from the drudgery of management and lets him focus on... well, design." Which is basically what he loves to do, he dont like management, but he will need the authority to say yes or no so others get on with it. Basically he will be doing what Steve Jobs has been doing for the past 20 years. And title dont mean much at all I think, Steve already has stated Jony will be his spiritual...
The biggest news here is Apple want to move all local TV network on to the Internet and delivered to any Internet connected (apple) devices.   However i am not sure how the Network and broadband today is going to handle it.
 That is why I hope the next OSX in this WWDC will fix that. I actually think Windows 7, 8.1 and now 10 has had tremendous improvement in performance, security etc. It has leapfrog OSX in many ways apart from some compatibility quirks and UX. Speaking of WWDC i hope they will do something for Small enterprise as well, It seems many business are finally ready to upgrade their Computer System with Windows 10. This upgrade cycle is going to be huge. And as far as I can tell...
I dont want a Router in my living room next to TV Set I dont want a STB for Cables I dont want a NAS for recording and storing TV EPs. I dont want a Apple TV box under it either.   And since they are all next to the TV I really wish they could be combined together.   As a matter of fact this is already happening with Android TV Set, apart from the Router part.   When Mi, LetTV or many other Chinese company could afford to make TV set at half the normal Retailing...
When a Company buy back its share, does it automatically means it is being wiped off the market? Or Could the company resell it in the future in higher prices, or save it for cash equivalent purpose or use it for stock compensation?
The latest roadmap also show 10nm Canonlake will be out in Q3 2016. That will be perfect for Macbook.
When they started the green initiative, And I thought to myself "May be one day they will even provide Green renewable solar energy to Chinese manufacturers, so the whole Apple, from Front End Retail to Back End Manufacturing will be totally green, a true Energy Net Zero Company." But then Apple has over 700 supplying partners over lots of countries, this is HUGE and complex!. "Meh, this might just be a pipe dream"   And here we are. Stunned by Apple again.    For...
I want a TV that combines Time Capsule, AirPort and Apple TV all in one.
I wonder why Apple doesn't spend their 200 B, ( and more cash as they are earning it ) for their own stock, eventually they will be able to own more then 50% of their own self.  As Wallstreet never values their cash anyway.
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