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Is funny, another example of Google destroying value.   Apple and Google were like opposite of each other. One create value while another one destroy. One Customers will paid another one customer get it for free.
 I wonder if the upgrade user have priority over other buyers.
Holly Moly, So next year we have a new design iPhone 7. An iPhone 6S, and a 4" iPhone 6c. Is kind of hard to guess when will Apple launch the iPhone 6c. The article suggest mass production start in early 2016 while launching along side iPhone 7 ( What?? ) which doesn't make any sense.   Especially getting a mid cycle iPhone 6c which has a A9 inside for $450 sounds very unApple to me.
There is something I would like to know. 1. Do the upgrade program forces you to return the exact same phone at the end of the 12 months? i.e What happen if i lost it? And brought the same model myself? The good thing about this model is it forces the carrier*(1) to complete on price and quality. Which is both a good thing and bad thing because we haven seen what happen with 2G and 3G / pre iPhone era. The network were completing on price and it was literally a race to...
There is nothing really new. The year before a new iPhone design has always seen a spike in R&D. If you add the TV or Cars they might or might not be working on. This seems reasonable. Lets not forget if they spend the same on Datacenter and Retail as last year, The extra are purely going to iPhone maufacturing and secret project R&D. Compared to the last iPhone redesign, the 6 wasn't that revolutionary, the big screen was the biggest selling point. The iPhone 7 will...
I seriously think playing the Hard Ball game on Android user doesn't do any good for Apple. Instead, they should create the best App in class to compete. There will always be trolls. As long as the Apps are up to a very high quality standard i think the best thing to do as always with trolls, are simply to ignore them.
 Android *might* be coming to PC platform. But that is 2017, I think both Microsoft and Apple are well prepared.   Microsoft is already working on Office everywhere and Cloud. Hopefully Bing and other things like AI, Enterprise Email Server should allow them to survive or even grow beyond what they were before.   Apple are either already working on ARM Mac OSX, or thinking iPad might some day taker over the Mac platform.  
I think Apple are waiting for the precise moment, to put out a 4K TV.  Despite the falling price of TV, its BOM cost has changed over the years. Correct me if I am wrong as I haven't dive deep enough into this topic yet.   Thanks to the sales of Mobile Phones, Display Panel are now produced at a unprecedented scale. Which means the panel prices has been falling, but continue to be offset by the amount of electronics, software we put into our TV. H.265 decode, faster...
 That is exactly what i said in some earlier post. Except my model would be a single Apple subscription that includes Hardware & Software & Services. The numbers will properly breaks out in the Annual Conference, but I think it would be better to lump all together as an Apple Experience.   However I do not like the Hardware like Watch and Mac to be Subscription based. May be for the Enterprise ( since they like this model and its easier to put on Opex ) The iPhone works...
@sog35  Yes. But you do realize more then 60+% of Apple Stock are in institutional , pension or hedge fund? A few percentage belongs to Employees, Laurene Powell. There isn't enough investor interest in doing so.
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