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Oh hell yes they are. The most advance SoC Node ( excluding Intel ) are coming from 20nm TSMC and Apple are using the majority of it. I still dont believe the Samsung A8 Story. Yes Apple can scale and make SoC in both Fabs. But it is not like the the manufacturing of SoC are the bottleneck of iPhone Production. Assuming even at 65% yield rate TSMC could produce at least 20M SoC for Apple per month. And I think with Apple's huge volume the yield should be better then that...
Looks like Johnny has a beer belly.
Where is this news coming from? Samsung has little 20nm production. Heck They dont even call their 20nm volume production. 40% of Apple A8 is a huge deal! Or has Samsung decide to leave 20nm just for Apple?    
 The reason why A8 isn't being fabbed by Samsung is because Samsung decided to skip 20nm and go directly to 14nm. Although A9 was suppose to go back to Samsung on 14nm, recent development has seen Samsung 14nm may be delayed, and TSMC managed to speed up their 16nm+ by a quarter. Which means with the current close collaboration between TSMC and Apple they are likely to continue and work together on the A9.
It is interesting that both Intel XMM7260 and iPhone 6 both pass China Mobile certification on the same day.
Well, how about an explanation to why not support Bluetooth 4.1?
Apple are getting 15-25bps ( 0.15-0.25% ) from those banks.
33K ? China Mobile must have been really disappointed with that.
1. What happen if someone steals my phone? ( Yeah I know the question is similar to stealing my keys ). 2. There is a centralize control *somewhere*, which means if that get hacked..... um...... And I have to change battery every 6 months?   I like the idea, but i dont think the tech are quite there yet. Although I dont mind using it for doors in my room :P
1. Samsung decide to skip volume production of 20nm and went straight to 14nm ( What TSMC called 16nm ). 2. Initial projection of Samsung 14nm was supposed to be better then TSMC 16nm, hence TSMC has a new node in dev called 16nm+. 3. Apple may have decided on Samsung's 14nm last year, given the much favorable pricing rumored Samsung are giving them.   4. However Samsung 14nm has yield and performance issues and is likely not meet Apple's target and requirement in...
New Posts  All Forums: