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 Read the god damn Re/Code article.http://recode.net/2014/05/30/goodbye-to-all-that-today-is-katie-cottons-last-day-at-apple/
 False. The problem with China is Import and Sales Tax. That is why there were a rumor with Foxconn helping Apple to form a Subsid within China to works things out.
I must have different music taste to Iovine then. Beats headphones sounds like crap ( at its price range )   And Apple's earpod sounds great for something given out for free.   Do I expect B&W sound quality from Apple EarPod? Hell no, But out of all the one given out with a smartphone. Apple's one were clearly the best.
I increasingly believe this has more to do with market force rather then technical merits or arguments. Everyone's budget in consumer electronics has a limit. People are merely shifting their expense from Desktop / Laptop to Phone and Tablet. Which means no matter how well Mac are doing against PC, in the Post PC world the whole PC industry is shrinking, and with less emphasis on performance, more are likely buying a cheaper Desktop / Laptop. In order for Apple to...
@HAMETA, it is unlikely Apple will buy a Battery Tech company. Since margin is low. Although Apple will likely partners with some companies and Fuel with cash.
There is this saying, It isn't how long you have been working for Apple. It is how many times you have worked at Apple.
I think Apple is just waiting for another law suit if a Multi Billion acquisition isn't consider materially significant
Beating them by a few percentage combined = wide margins?
Yes, because I think Apple customers happens to understand Apple to a varying different level. Then there is the Anti Samsung which helps a bit.   But honestly Apple market share is reaching to Single Digit in South Korea. There is going to be lots of work for Apple to do.
I would just like to point out iPhone lowest market shares happens to be ......... South Korea.
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