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The latest roadmap also show 10nm Canonlake will be out in Q3 2016. That will be perfect for Macbook.
When they started the green initiative, And I thought to myself "May be one day they will even provide Green renewable solar energy to Chinese manufacturers, so the whole Apple, from Front End Retail to Back End Manufacturing will be totally green, a true Energy Net Zero Company." But then Apple has over 700 supplying partners over lots of countries, this is HUGE and complex!. "Meh, this might just be a pipe dream"   And here we are. Stunned by Apple again.    For...
I want a TV that combines Time Capsule, AirPort and Apple TV all in one.
I wonder why Apple doesn't spend their 200 B, ( and more cash as they are earning it ) for their own stock, eventually they will be able to own more then 50% of their own self.  As Wallstreet never values their cash anyway.
Something i wanted to ask for a long time.   Why do Apple paid such a high tax rate ( tax rate of 26.3 percent) ?   And yet Google and Microsoft can get away with paying low tax.
I couldn't work out just WHY would mapping application be so expensive. It would properly take Apple 320 Million and a few more years to get there. Why spend 3.2 Billion now? And I dont think HERE does great in China Mapping either.
As soon as Apple have time to tune its firmware, and Hardware, I guess same time next year we will have Apple's SSD in all of Mac Range, including iMac. Hopefully the Skylake update will also give enough PCI-E 3.0 lane to its SSD controller, therefore doubling the speed to 3.2GB/s. Along with hopefully some updated 802.11ac controller ( 2x2 160MHz 3.2Gbps ), and wifi antenna tuning, ( currently using some innovative way to lay around the speakers ).   The next update of...
It is a good thing Apple actually do promotion instead of just running around trying to find someone who might not be fit for Apple culture.
 This is BS. Although you cant switch Fab from one to another without redesigning. I suspect Apple have enough resources to have their team working on design with TSMC just for backup.
It is entirely possible Apple could engineer its own 32 cluster GPU using the same tech.
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