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Recently I discovered my iPhone running out of space for strange reason,   My Total add up space in > General > Usage is around 7GB. This is a rough estimate, but even if I add the margin of error to 8GB, this is still 2GB + difference to my reported usage of 10GB.   Where did that extra 2GB go?
Apple needs to work out a simple, efficient and cheap way to manufacture iPhone using Liquid Metal with the scale Apple are operating.    Then there is the problem with Radio Frequency pass through.
I hope there will be some Intelligent Detection before doing so. What if,   Deleting All Apps on iPhone still does not provide sufficient space? ( That will just be stupid ) It should ensure that your Apps are still available on the App Store. ( Otherwise I cant get back the Apps I deleted ) It should ensure that it only delete the Apps that is the most recent version ( There may be reason why a user dont want to update their App )
Its funny, I wrote a post on how Apple Watch will get Facetime, without the crap DED has to put on the article, and how the tech will get TouchID integrated. This is an old rumors, then all of a sudden the next morning Digitimes repost something similar as rumors.   The current Touch ID solution scans your Fingerprint at 500DPI. Even with the latest rumors bringing iPhone 6s to 1080P and 6s Plus to 2.2K, their respective PPI will only be ~470. Unless Apple think this is...
Unbelievable, no one remember Apple has a patent or is / was working on a display that works as camera as well. Every pixel on the screen itself will also be a sensor as well. I was hoping this would one day replace Touch ID button with high enough PPI.
That is interesting, I thought the Watch will have a much longer upgrade cycle. The SoC inside Apple Watch is still based on ARMv7, the same 32bit chip could have been a ARMv8 32bit. Making the software transition much easier.   And What happen to those spends 10K+ only to have a watch outdated?   Next Year also marks new design of iPhone 7, which is strange for Apple to release TWO significant product in the same year.
I dont have much to add as most have already point out the codec problem. So just opinion of my own.   Codec used to matter a lot because we have limited bandwidth, and people wanted to to do archive purpose. I was into Audio Codec a long long time ago, along with Video Codec, that was before H.264 took off, the Divx / Xvid era.   We worked out long time ago that at 320Kbps most codec are virtually transparent to majority of listeners. Although I still have a soft spot...
 This is with comparison to Google, might be because they are a web company, managed to plan well ahead for their DC needs, and finish building DC and have them online in time. And as of today Apple stills rely on Amazon and Micosoft Cloud. Yes, I hope those experience they gain will help them move at much faster pace when needed, and their Cloud offering, while might not be as value attractive, could at least be much faster and stable. The other way of thinking about it...
It seems strange Apple is introducing two NEW iPhone at the same time. By new i mean new design. The 5c is considered new, and 5s introduce at the time was a upgrade to 5.   But iPhone 7 will or should be a new design. So having a 7c along side it doesn't make much sense, as it will diverge the attention of potential buyers.  
Does anyone work or have friends that work in the construction knows why, this things cost $5B? And I thought these price dont include land cost.   At first, I though $2B was relatively expensive but given Apple extreme demand of quality, "might" be one of the largest Glass building around, ( it seems there are little metal frames ) along side with 100% Renewable energy, top quality design and decorations, tree planted around. The $2B should be worth it.   And we know...
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